Scary Spyware demo shows how spooks hack mobile phones

Intelligence agencies’ secretive techniques for spying on mobile phones are seldom made public.

But a UK security firm has shown the BBC how one tool, sold around the world to spooks, actually works.

It allows spies to take secret pictures with a phone’s camera and record conversations with the microphone, without the phone owner knowing.

Hacking Team’s software was recently stolen from the company by hackers and published on the web.

Almost any data on a phone, tablet or PC can be accessed by the tool and it is fascinating how much it can do.


This is very very scary.

  • Blacksmith

    Scary certainly, however not surprising at all.

  • ed

    they have been doing it to your pcs and laptops for years

  • Gary

    I knew about this almost 4 years ago but the Liberal progressive saw it a paranoia.

    The companies that make the phones must have a back door to get into the hardware and check it over prior to leaving the factory and prior to a security code set up by the final owner.

    The RCMP tried to look like geniuses when they bugged someone’s car to get evidence on them , but actually folks they used the software to enter the persons wifi phone through this back door which let them use the Mic while the phone appeared off.
    In this Digital World there are Logical Gates that act like a switch for access along a circuit to other gates while the main circuit that works from an incoming call to active the ring tones remains dormant . Today we are now seeing Cars being hijacked from the satellite links on board the cars computers that can now do all the function that were manual .

    Here’s a tip , the phone will be dead if you take out the battery while at home in private or in the car saying things would not say in public.
    Your PC motherboard has the same Mic pick-up to listen in via the Internet, I confirmed this claim by someone when I scanned the MotherBoard as saw an item not on the schematics which only had MIC stamped inside a painted circle .