People Freaked Out by Caitlyn Jenner Expressing Conservative Views on Her Show

Something happened on the second episode of Caitlyn Jenner’s reality-TV show that has some people really freaked out: She expressed conservative political views about welfare.

  • Tokenn

    Ha-ha… This sort of thing always reminds me of the old joke “what do you do when you see an endangered animal eating an endangered plant?” The lefty-libs are in danger of being eaten by their own absurdity. It can’t happen too soon…

    • gashouse gang

      80% of US jews self-identify as liberal

    • hit the showers

      80% of jews self identify as liberal

    • k1992

      Eat both the animal and the plant? After all, you wouldn’t want to discriminate.

  • gashouse gang

    The jews run the media and promote this filth so…

  • Petey

    So she’s insane but not stupid. I’m OK with that.

    • gashouse gang

      So you’d hit that?

    • Petey

      Kind of like The Joker.

      I wish I had the graphic skills to do a picture of that.

    • Jose Fernandez

      It is an it. Not a he or she.

      • Petey

        *bangs head* I know. I know.

  • Barrington Minge

    Now that is one ugly fella…Does it still have its male tackle? If so it’s a bloke.

  • hit the showers

    Jews run the media and promote this filth

    • Clink9

      OK Achmed, fun’s over.

  • Sean

    First, there is no Caitlyn, only Bruce.
    Second, his show not her.

    • DVult

      I am hoping he will announce at some point the whole thing was a practical joke and some sort of performance art like Wacky Phoenix.

  • David Murrell

    Well that does it. We all were hoping that, soon, Ms. Jenner would be forgotten. By saying these statements, the media will — like, tomorrow — drop the new woman like a hot potato. She is verboten.

    • Jose Fernandez

      She is not a she. It was a he
      Now it is an it.

  • Lloyd Snauwaert

    This is going to get ugly…er..uglier…

    • MRHapla

      so much freakin’ uglier-ness

  • Speaksvolumes

    This is not going according to plan.

  • Dana Garcia

    Creepy all over.

  • MRHapla

    If you’re going to be the highest paid drag queen act in history, you want to keep as much of the money as possible. He/she/it ain’t not cutting off he/she/it’s twig and berries only to pay taxes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Scaramouche

    Cait committed the cardinal sin of not being “trans-political”–i.e. a former conservative who’d “transitioned” into leftism.

  • Minicapt

    He is being transgressive, perhaps?


  • DMB

    The left will soon turn on Jenner. Perhaps Jenner can get a lead role in the new ghostbuster movie with the all female cast.

  • Kathy Nelson

    This man’s name is Bruce Jenner and he is a delusional homosexual male who gives a whole new dimension to the word “ugly”.