Leadnow admits getting US funding to interfere in Canadian election

I just got a campaign email, but not from one of the three major parties. It came from Leadnow, a US funded lobby group interfering in Canada’s federal election.

  • jayme

    Are we really shocked lets go over the past year at what really has gone down
    Id to vote
    Look who has the biggest issue with it human rights groups and even other non Canadian groups.
    Bill c-50
    Again look at who took greatest issue with it non Canadians
    So lead now is not the first to try and stick there nose in and they won’t be the last.

    • Leadnow is a despicable gang of lefty shits.

      • jayme

        Is that the same group that was going nuts over robo calls.

  • Ron MacDonald

    I posted Ezra’s video on Elections Canada’s Facebook page, please do the same.


    • OK.

      • Ron MacDonald

        Keep posting it non-stop until they do something.

  • Alain

    Few things make me angrier than foreigners meddling in our affairs and there is no end to it. It needs to stop.

  • David Murrell

    Yes but our lefty media do not care. They will look the other way — wink, wink. Elections Canada will look the other way.

    • Klaus Nenn

      Elections Canada tried to investigate the Robocalls, but Harper changed the rules. So what’s this wink wink thing. Is that Harper winking to his base? Elections Canada tries to follow the rules, but Harper interfered.

  • FactsWillOut

    When the US is run by commies, we’re a client state. When run by free-market types, we are not.

  • DD_Austin

    may and mulcair are both foreigner leftists

    we are already well infiltrated

  • Klaus Nenn

    Isn’t Harper being funded by the U.S. Billionaires, the Koch brothers? Is that interference? As for the article, LeadNow has a Canadian mandate with Canadian funding. Lefties my foot. Ezra knows squat.

  • Klaus Nenn

    Blazing Bullshit, more like it.