Iranian Game Site Introduces ‘Beat Up and Insult the Arab

A new video game making fun of and insulting Arabs was released on an Iranian website. The game, titled Beat Up and Insult the Arab, is available for free downloading from the site.

The site is reportedly registered with the Iranian regulatory agency of websites, which is connected to the Ministry of Culture and Guidance. Al Arabiya states the site “introduces itself as an entertainment site that operates based on the rules of the Islamic Republic. On the site, it states that it will remove any content that violates Islamic laws.”

  • jew mad, bro?

    How about “Whack-A-Kike”?

  • pdxnag

    If the Persians of Iran want to reclaim dignity relative to their Arab neighbors they can start by kicking Islam out of Iran. It was the Arabs after all who imposed Islam upon them. If you apply Islamic law then you lose at the starting gate.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      The Persians became Shiites as a way to stick it to the Sunni Arabs.

  • Minicapt

    How can one insult an Arab?


  • Tokenn

    Oh sure. ..I can’t wait to download that to my computer and share it with all my friends. What could possibly go wrong with that? ?u