For God’s Sake Don’t Mention The Rapes… Russian region bans British historians’ books on Second World War

The works of two of Britain’s most distinguished military historians have been banned in a region of Russia over suggestions that they misinterpret the events of the Second World War and are “imbued with Nazi propaganda”.

According to a directive leaked to local journalists, schools and higher education institutions in the Ural mountains region of Sverdlovsk will be banned from giving students or teachers access to books by Antony Beevor and Sir John Keegan, two of Britain’s most respected authorities on the Second World War.

Mr Beevor’s books about Stalingrad, the fall of Berlin, and the battle for Normandy have made him amongst the most widely read English-language historians writing on the 1939-45 war.

  • Gary

    In my area of Toronto it is now normal every August to see the Posters that condemn the USA for the two bombs on the innocent Japanese from US aggression . Sadly , the area is a hub for refugees and non-white immigrants .

    These anti-War groups tied to the NDP and CUPE assume that immigrants and refugees are really stupid and never learned any Global History , yet the NDP and CUPE are the first ones to cry racism at others .

    • The Nukes were necessary.

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          • goys in the hood

            This from a jew that says the nuking if hundreds of thousands of civilians was “necessary”

          • UCSPanther

            That nuisance would do the world a favor by OD’ing on Fentanyl, as would all of his trashy friends.

      • Brett_McS
    • mauser 98

      good point ..anti-War groups are funded by NDP and CUPE employee union payroll deductions
      most NDP and CUPE types i have met have no clue of current events or less of history,,, do not want to know

      (yeah OK…. at least i try to stay above things)

      • goys in the hood

        You Canadians are due for an ass-kicking

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      The nukes saved a lot of American and Japaneese lives.
      We could have sat back for another six months and just finished burning Japan to a crisp.
      Our fire raids over Tokyo killed as many people as either nuke, and we could have kept that up forever.

      • Frances

        Not to mention the lives of all those in the various POW camps. Laurens Van der Post in his book “The Night of the New Moon” gives a vivid account of life in a Japanese POW camp during those last days.

      • Gary

        What the anti-War yahoo’s don’t know is that Tojo fought with the Emperor to keep fighting after the first bomb. Tojo also tried to over throw him because he told Hito that there were 5,000,000 devout Japanese ready to die for him to defend the island. There were also 5000 planes with pilots ready to attack the invaders while 2000 of them would be suicide-bombers to crash on the Carriers and Troops ships.
        Orders were also given to Behead every POW If the attack started.

        These groups linked to CUPE and the NDP rely on the ignorance of immigrants and refugees in my area because the NDP controls the MP, MPP, and Toronto seat which explains how this Ward has morphed into a drug-addict , pro-hamas , anti-West , Gov Housing Neighbourhood .

        My MP is just a short walk away from a known Radical, Jew-hating , homophobic Mosque and yet the NDP bows to them each year around Ramadan to assure them that the NDP believes that islam is a religion of peace and that Muslims built Canada and have the lowest crime-rates and highest employment rate.

        All of these leftist Progressive Liberal groups will be the first ones beheaded under sharia law by these PEACEFUL moderate followers of islam .

    • Ask how many Koreans, Chinese, Indonesians and Filipinos think the bombs were bad ideas.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      It is noteworthy that not one of Japan’s Asian neighbors have shed one tear over the nuking. As far as they are concerned, the Japanese got what they deserved.

  • Alain

    Admitting the savage conduct, especially raping, of Soviet soldiers is far from condoning the Nazis. It is well documented that generally the Nazis were better disciplined when it came to that while many of the Soviets were not. I have known people who later escaped from places “liberated” by the Soviet army who lived through and witnessed what took place when the Soviets entered. I am not in the least claiming that no Nazi soldier ever committed rape; only that due to their obsession with discipline and order it was rare. Nor am I including the Nazi death camps here, since that is a whole other matter.

    • The Soviets were encouraged to exact revenge.

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    • UCSPanther

      The Nazis were more into organized slaughter and were very meticulous about it, keeping extensive records and approaching it with a terrifying efficiency and organization (See also: Einsatzgruppen SS).

      The Japanese, and Germany’s Eastern Allies, such as the Croatian Ustasha and the Romanian Iron Guard preferred a more “Hands-on” and less orderly approach to their rampages.

  • mauser 98

    who “wins” the war writes the history
    …… since time began

    • dirty hebes

      Like the “muh 6 million” lies

    • goys in the hood

      Like “muh 6 million” lies

  • One mustn’t mention that or the rape of Korean women by Soviet soldiers:

    And everyone goes on about other guilty parties.

    The hypocrisy!