Find out what Mulcair said in French about stay-at-home moms (that he hasn’t said in English)

I’m calling this Thomas Mulcair’s “beer and popcorn” moment.

  • Clink9

    His “beer and popcorn” moment should be a “torch and pitchfork” moment for parents. Run this creep out of town.

  • El Martyachi

    I’ll show you an NDP infographic they want supporters to share on social media. Translated, it says, “Stephen Harper thinks keeping moms at home will help families. Not me.”

    Subtext – Stephen Harper thinks women belong in the kitchen. Effective. Not a beer and popcorn moment. BillyHW can elaborate on why…

    The reality is, however, that the Quebec program is hugely expensive, the waiting lists are years long, and it really only benefits high-income families.

    … benefits high-income families AND the government social services class AND is the ultimate brainwashing high ground.

  • Frances

    The problem with daycare is that the hours are generally inflexible. Woe betide the parent due to pick up the kids if a late meeting is unexpectedly called or overtime work is required. Our offsprings are opting for a combination of nannies and grandparents, with scheduling to maximize the time the children are with family.