DJ At Gay Bar Kicks Out Woman Who Complained Song Choice Triggered Her

A woman who complained to a DJ about Robin Thicke single Blurred Lines because it brought back traumatising memories of being raped says she was publicly shamed and kicked out of the club.

Georgia Greenfield told the DJ at Queen’s Court in Leeds, Yorkshire, that the line ‘I know you want it’ was what her rapist said to her before she was attacked.

She apparently wrote a note on her phone to the DJ which read: “‘I know you want it’ are the exact words my rapist said to me before he raped me. I don’t want to hear this.”

The 23-year-old English graduate claimed that the DJ branded her a “silly b****” over the microphone before kicking her out of the gay club.

Shocked Georgia said: “I just stood there completely shocked and was like did that just happen?”  h/t JBR

Victim Of Gay Bar Musical Micro-Aggression

Victim Of Gay Bar Musical Micro-Aggression