Crony socialism at work: Mulcair’s national childcare scheme and Olivia Chow’s dirty little secret

The politically undead zombie Olivia Chow is back.

Lock your doors, hide your children!

And above all, hold onto your hard-earned tax dollars because zombie Chow and her fellow federal NDP monsters smell your money, hunger for your tax dollars and are inexorably slouching to your doors to suck all your cash dry.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  • Martin B

    How many gold-plated pensions is this parasite going to collect? There’s Taliban Jack’s pension, her MP pension, her City Council pension…

  • mauser 98

    Quebec’s child care is a bottomless pit of debt ,a mess , fraud
    it relies on transfer payments from other provinces

  • Cheryl

    Please get this piece of garbage out of Canada and send her back to the country she came from, or don’t they want her either? Canada seems to take in nothing but garbage from other countries and Canadians don’t do a damn thing about it. Shame on us.

  • Cat-astrophe

    So, I want to ask: What does it matter who wins?

    I came of voting age while Trudeau was in power. Apparently, the federal government used to borrow interest-free (to at least some extent) from the Bank of Canada up until 1974.
    I saw what was happening, and still it happens. Loss of Sovereignty, through selling everything we as Canadians had to private interests, with multiculturalism and the Charter of rights and freedoms working to divide and conquer public ability to respond spontaneously to that which we do not agree with.
    The game is global in scope, here are some threads that are conected. Time is the medium of change, so for North America, a good place to start is NAFTA.

    NAFTA is connected to TPP. TPP is connected to Agenda 21, or “Sustainable Development”
    Sustainable development is connected to “Carbon Taxes”.
    All of the above is connected to the UN, and as long as we are connected to the UN and going to be a “Member in Good Standing” we will keep moving ahead with the dictates of the UN.
    Agenda 21 is newspeak from the UN and means “One World Government.”
    We have been warned for many years, decades even that the NWO was coming.
    Social Justice, redistribution of wealth, manufactured refugee crisis’s and “re-distribution” of cultures incompatible with the receiving countries, Corporate governance, technocracy and the loss of National Sovereignty is what is taking place throughout the western world.
    Yet nothing or no one complains of what is coming.
    So, it has become my contention, my heartfelt belief, that no matter who gets elected, it is only a matter of time for all the UN’s desires are met, regardless of who is at the helm.
    I am going to Vote for the CAP party, because it does not matter, and they are the only ones to discuss the return of Canada’s financial printing press to the People.

    • Everyone Else

      good description of problem

    • mauser 98

      have read that Diefenbaker started deficit spending .. albeit on a very minor scale . Pearson also.. Trudeau sent it thru the roof

    • mauser 98

      G.H.W. Bush mentioned NWO some 15 times
      conspiracy .. yes no ?… agenda 21,, UN ,,just a big tax shakedown

  • Gary

    Here’s Jack ( aka Jack meoff) and Olivia condoning the child-abuse as naked males break the Federal laws the Wynne REFUSES to enforce when Gays are the criminals and in the PRIDE parade .
    Chow made me laugh when she would go on TV and pretend to crusade for children’s rights and Youths.
    Yet she takes part in an event where the laws are being broken and has overt Child-abuse the Police also Refuse to stop which may be from the POLICE- PRIDE staff on duty that don’t see child-abuse as wrong for gays or in gay village.

    Sick and twisted parasites driving Ontario in the ground and tossing children to pedophilies .