What if Lions Are Better Than People?

But I will tell you that in a prison they crucified a cat before ourselves. They beat nails in the feet of the cat and the cat was hanging with the head down, and can you imagine how this cat screamed and the prisoners, mad, bead [sic] on the door, “Free the cat, free the cat, free the cat,” and the Communists very polite, “Oh, surely we will free the cat, but give the statements which we ask from you and then the cat will be freed,” and I have known men who have given statements against their wives, against their children, against their parents to free the cat. They did it out of madness, and then the parents and the wives have been tortured like the cat.

Such things have happened with us.

  • Jay Currie

    Reading Kathy’s excellent story about how conservatives are all over the map on Cecil’s importance to the black African trophy hunting economy and how it seems to be blinding them to the depravity of the partial birth baby killers at Planned Parenthood I think I may have found a solution.

    Why not have trophy hunts for small but fast black children. The moral exemption for killing black babies has already been given to Planned Parenthood so extending this to the tracking and killing of black African children – I would think 8 to 10 year olds would give the best sport – is no great leap.

    You can imagine that much expensive ritual could accompany the child hunt with plenty of jobs created for the local chief’s kin. And, as we have seen with partial birth abortions, we needn’t worry too much if the first bullet or arrow doesn’t do its job; at that age black children apparently feel very little pain.

    Yup, this could work.

    • It’s definitely worthy of consideration;)

    • Raymond Hietapakka

      I don’t think creating a bag limit on black folks would catch on. Not around here, anyways…

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Somehow I think that if lions were edible, there’d be a whole different take on all this bruehaha…

  • mauser 98

    Cecil a diversion from Planned Parenthood story, atrocities in Africa
    Mugabe is a butcher

  • Linda1000

    The cult of Cecil the Lion – Empire State Building in New York all lit up last Sat. night.