ISIS or Al Qaeda? American Officials Split Over Top Terror Threat

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration’s top intelligence, counterterrorism and law enforcement officials are divided over which terrorist group poses the biggest threat to the American homeland, the Islamic State or Al Qaeda and its affiliates.

The split reflects a rising concern that the Islamic State poses a more immediate danger because of its unprecedented social media campaign, using sophisticated online messaging to inspire followers to launch attacks across the United States.

  • Bill

    Part of the problem is that, being unable to admit or even understand the base problem: Islamic ideology, government officials think it’s a problem of ‘either/or’ between the various factions. By misunderstanding that, they cannot see that Al Qaeda and ISIL are just facets of the same underlying problem: Islam, and the rest is just details of individuals and charismatic leaders wanting to be the top dog of the desired theocracy.

    • Alain

      Bang on except I would say that IS the problem, not simply part of the problem.

    • Islamic theology is the problem. It incites literally millions of devout Muslims to commit violence in the name of Islam.

      These individual jihadis act alone, or get together, in a random fashion. When they group up in a random fashion, one day they might fight for ISIS the next day they might fight for Al Qaeda.

      Islam’s jihadi’s organizational war method looks like chaos, but its oddball structure has worked quite well. The rag tag unstructured phantom army has run the US out of Afghanistan. And it has run every invader out of Muslim lands since the time of Mohammad.

      We ignore this at our peril.

      ISIS Or Al Qaeda, they are both the same. They both need to be destroyed.

      But more importantly, Islamic theology needs to be reformed. Without reformation, the spread of cancerous Islam will continue.

      • Bill

        The problem is that Islam cannot be reformed – indeed the problem is that Islam has already had its Reformation to bring it back in line with its original Islamist goals and ideas. Any reform would require some of the Qur’an to be discarded or changed and the veneration and emulation of Muhammed as the perfect example of behavior would have to cease. It’s just not going to happen, especially when change is apostasy and apostasy is punishable by death that can be carried out by any of the faithful adherents to Islam. It’s even written in the Qur’an that it it the literal word of (the Islamic) God, and so to make changes would be blasphemy and again subject to death. Islam is not fixable without changes that would make it not-Islam.

        • You are right, ” any reform would require some of the Qur’an to be discarded or changed”.

          And you have identified the problem.

          It was created out of thin air – it can be deconstructed.

          The non-Muslim world needs to directly address the problem and quit the PC white washing of this pathological social disease.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Obama’s indifference is the real threat.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Because getting this wrong might be racist, or something bad.

  • Xavier

    Let’s compromise and just say Islam is the threat.

  • Shebel

    They are ALL terrorists .
    Some are just more peaceful than others.

    • Blacksmith

      Or inept maybe.

      • Xavier


  • Blacksmith

    Let me help you out here, the problem is ISLAM!

    • Millie_Woods

      BANI SLAM!

      H/T to whoever said that first.

  • Jay Currie

    “Kill them all, God will know his own.” seems the correct strategic decision here. It is not as if the US is running out of bullets.

  • tom_billesley

    Obama targets the ultimate terrorists – climate change deniers