Huh? The time for a Guaranteed Annual Income might finally have come

“So how much would introducing a GAI across Canada cost?

According to several Queen’s University professors, the cost of replacing social assistance (which includes welfare and disability support) and Old Age Security (which includes a top-up for low-income seniors), plus providing every adult with an annual income of $20,000 and children with an income guarantee of $6,000, would be $40-billion. The Fraser Institute calculates the total cost of Canada’s current income support system (payout plus administrative costs) at $185-billion in 2013.

Our own estimates, which build on existing social programs, range from a gross annual cost of $17-billion for a program that (in today’s dollars) is slightly more generous than was offered in Dauphin, to a “Cadillac” version costing $58-billion that would guarantee everyone a minimum income equal to the low-income cutoff and pay at least some benefits to people earning well above the low-income cutoff.”

The numbers intrigue me as they purport to show a much lower overall cost than our current mish-mash of programs.

But it still doesn’t explain how we would pay for it all as the incipient “automation of everything” is expected to cause massive job losses.

Adding to the mess Canada maintains a record breaking immigration intake, a short sighted policy that smacks of generals fighting this war with the last war’s tactics.

I doubt any politician has the guts to halt that nonsense. Who wants to lose the ethnic vote?