You might be Mike Brown If…

“Really great energy from this crowd, glad to see everyone turn out and get it pumped up, glad to see MC tell me to get off the stage after 1.5 minutes because I said naughtyThought… Nice to see people getting together and taking a joke and not being touchy little bitches. Did I mention being White is so awkward? Ugh, man, I’m just like, so unsexy and bad at sports! Ah Denzel is so cool.

Interesting fact: I had decided that this routine was too ‘edgy’ and ‘shocking’ and also ‘dumb’ and a ‘low-blow’ but the kid who performed before me was a black guy talking about how the “Mike” Brown situation caused him to have hate sex with his white girlfriend (I bet she’s cute and not a pig!) That was when I decided that the audience was trash and not worth the extra urine I left on the floor of the bathroom.”

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Thanks black people!
    Has anyone ever tabulated the cost of the “black tax” on America?
    That would not only be cost of welfare and urban renewal, but affirmative action, higher retail charges from theft, higher insurance and interest rates from black defaults, higher crime rate plus the cost of incarcerating them, and the extra cost we all incure by not choosing to live in black areas…
    The list is endless.

    • I bet that audience was white.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        Some probibly were.

    • BillyHW

      If it weren’t for all the parasites, America would have built amusement parks on the moon by now.

    • bob e

      got that right bro

  • Lloyd Snauwaert

    If your absent Momma assaulted the Grandmomma that raised you for her cut of the tribute t-shirt revenue…you might be Mike Brown…

  • jayme

    You do have to love black lives matter a white cop kills a black guy massive riots yet 190 people have been killed in Baltimore in the last 3 months not a word from the nut jobs.

  • bob e

    guy had some good points .. don’t really know how to take him ..

  • Ho Hum

    I like this guy! Now that we are approaching the one year anniversary of the death of the “gentle giant” this would be a great idea for a hash #YouMightBeMikeBrown

  • vimy

    If your dead and buried because your an idiot…….Oh wait…….Never mind that is Mike Brown