The Islamic State’s Christian and Yizidi Sex Slaves

Unlike Muslims, who can conform and wait out ISIS until the day it is defeated, Christians, along with “polytheist” Yizidis, can don veils and give up cigarettes and alcohol, but, as non-Muslims, their very presence is an intolerable offense to the year-old “caliphate.” These minority religious groups in Iraq and Syria, lacking protecting armies or militias of their own, find themselves in unique peril. During his Bolivian trip this month, Pope Francis called it “genocide.”

  • canminuteman

    What the women in that picture, who are probably strong independent feminist women mean when they say “save Yazidi women” is “young men, risk your life to go and save women.”

    • Maybe;)

    • eMan14

      Not sure I agree, but it is an interesting point of view. The women in the picture are probably feminists, but I doubt many of the Yazidi women who are being affected are.
      I would like to think we can help persecuted non Muslims, but how far do we go? How much of a priority is it?
      The world these days put much more emphasis on climate change, gay rights, and fluid gender inclusiveness. Thought crimes are more horrible than violent crimes. Unless of course a white cop kills a black youth.
      We live in interesting times.
      But I’m beginning to wonder if the sacrifice of our veterans in the past has been in vein. Since we seem to value what they fought for lessens with each passing year.

      • canminuteman

        Yeah, If I was a young man again, and still a soldier I would probably be keen to go fight this battle as well. I just resent it because of the positions that are (probably) held by the people doing the asking.