The Islamic State’s Campaign Plan

President Obama might not yet have a strategy to combat the Islamic State (ISIS), but the Islamic State has a strategy. It is, apparently, to bring about the “end of the world.” According to a document uncovered by American Media Institute (AMI) and reviewed by U.S. intelligence officials, ISIS is preparing to attack India, in the hope of forcing the U.S. to come to India’s aid and get mired in an apocalyptic conflict.

In the document, written in prophetic style and entitled, “A Brief History of the Islamic State Caliphate (ISC), The Caliphate According to the Prophet,” ISIS calls upon different jihadist factions operating in Afghanistan and Pakistan to come under its banner. It urges al-Qaeda in the region to submit to the authority of the Islamic empire or “Caliphate” and recognize ISIS as the sole ruler of a billion Muslims across the world.