Iran’s ayatollah publishes 416-page guide to destroying Israel and rails against the ‘American Great Satan’ – despite nuclear deal

The supreme leader of Iran has reportedly published a 416-page guide to wiping Israel off the map, in which he decries the Jewish state as an ally of ‘the American Great Satan’.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the head of the Muslim nation, is said to have released the extensive plan, which recommends driving Israelis out of the Middle East with endless war, even as his officials were bargaining with the White House.

Despite the good faith with which Iran claims it struck its nuclear deal with the White House and other nations, the alleged publication seems to show no let-up in violent anti-American rhetoric inside the nation’s borders.

  • Bernie

    Where is the Official English Copy! Get that in front of the U.S.A. Senate for the vote and get this to the U.N. as a declaration of War! Let’s see Obama refute Iran’s intentions!

    • I bet Obama co-authored it;)

      • Norman_In_New_York

        So far, neither Obama nor Kerry have said anything negative about it, nor will they unless prodded.

  • luna

    Iran is following the traditional Islamic playbook for war. Make a treaty, grow your military, break treaty.

  • JoKeR

    The Obama Doctrine

  • canminuteman

    This comes as a surprise to someone, somewhere?

  • marty_p

    So let me get this straight…The plan is to “Drive Israel Out of the Middle East with a state of constant war”… isn’t that the plan the Arabs have had since 1947?
    As we can see, how successful that strategy has been – Israel thrived to become a high tech and military powerhouse and with the discovery of more natural gas than they can possibly use – from an economic standpoint the future looks even better.
    Meanwhile the Mo world has slid into chaos and oil (which is about all the Mo’s have to offer) is down in the $46 a barrel range.

    Keep up the good work Mohammed!

  • DMB
  • Xavier

    “Despite Nuclear Deal”? More like “Because of Nuclear Deal”.