Hundreds of civilians killed by coalition air strikes against Isil in Syria and Iraq

International coalition air strikes in Iraq and Syria are believed to have killed more than 400 civilians, according to a new report.

For a year now, the US-led air campaign has tried to halt the spread of Islamist militancy through the two countries, targeting thousands of positions linked to Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) and the Khorasan group, a smaller network affiliated with al-Qaeda that officials say is plotting attacks against Europe and the United States.

According to new research, the attacks have also claimed the lives of at least 459 civilians to date. In the report released on Monday, Airwars, a research project tracking the international fight against Isil, identify 57 separate incidents in which there is publicly available evidence to suggest that coalition bombs killed non-combatants without links to the extremists.