How Britain’s National Secular Society Is Now Just Another Pro-Immigration, Left-Wing Pressure Group

“…Last week, the National Secular Society stated that it has no wish to be “in any way involved or associated” with the Mohammed cartoon exhibition planned for London in September. This was a unanimous decision by its governing council.

Why “Britain’s only national organisation working exclusively towards a secular society” will not support the most important act of secular defiance to occur in Britain for several years, and why it will not demonstrate unswerving solidarity with those oppressed by religious rule, should by now be obvious – because the exhibition isn’t left-wing, and because it has been so dishonestly attacked by extreme leftists and communists.

The dividing line in all this can be summed up with one word: immigration.”

  • Alain

    Nothing secular when you obey sharia for whatever reason.

  • Dana Garcia

    The dividing line is always immigration. Either you believe in the western tradition and our culture of law, representative government and fairness, or you buy into the multicultural sinkhole of lies.

  • Blind Druid

    Unfortunately, free speech in the U.K. has been dead for quite a while now. I will bet heavily that the Motoons exhibition in London will be shut down by whatever means the dhimmi Brit government can bring to bear. At least Pam G. had the right to invoke the First Amendment in Garland, Texas. The brits cannot do that, they are crushed and helpless..