2nd American doctor accused of illegally killing a lion in Zimbabwe

Oh, come on!

  • tom_billesley

    Using a bow isn’t a problem, though perhaps there’d be a more authentic thrill if they allowed lion hunting for sport only with a spear.

  • Waffle

    Let’s not forget the Texas vet who killed a neighbor’s cat with a bow and arrow. Maybe we should do psychological testing as part of the admission process for certain professions?

    • El Martyachi

      … what could possibly go wrong?

  • F*cking idiot.

    May the electronic mob cause you pain.

    • Glenfilthie

      And may that baying electronic mob of idiots turn on you next, Bob.
      I swear, you people look down your noses at the stupidity of leftists, environmentalists and other intellectual cripples – and then promptly fill your diapers to overflowing.
      I guess the animals slaughtered EVERY DAY and left TO ROT by the locals are of no consequence, Bob? Thank heavens the electronic mob isn’t aware of it!!!

      • terrence

        Curious how these animal-worshippers say, and have said, NOTHING about the huge numbers of humans that have been slaughtered in Zimbabwe.

        The dictator/tyrant who rules Zimbabwe has murdered most people who DARE to disagree with him. Apparently, he has murdered hundreds of thousands of people (in a relatively small country). .

        • vimy

          Yes but to them people are a parasite, a pox on the earth if you will. The more of us that are killed off the happier they are but don’t kill them they are the good guys in there own minds. better than you or I

      • It’s better not to argue with a fool. It is hard to tell who’s who.

        • Glenfilthie

          Oh, I think we know who the fool here is, Bob – but let us not name names.

          Shamelessly stolen from Popehat:

          7) Initial news reports are always completely accurate, so we know we’ve got the right guy.

          6) Initial news reports are always full of nuance, so we know that we understand the situation and can distinguish sarcasm from seriousness, and being nearby from being the active participant.

          5) Internet shame mobs weigh the evidence carefully and deliberately before attacking, so they only happen to people who deserve them.

          4) Internet shame mobs use the rule of law and due process, so when they occur by accident or to the wrong person it’s easy for them to make amends and restore reputations, jobs, and friendships.

          3) Internet shame mobs always make sure that the punishment is proportional to the crime.

          2) Every member of an internet shame mob is without sin, so any one of them is morally just in throwing the first stone.

          1) Once the internet shame mob has done its job, the button will be be offered to someone whom you don’t know.

  • Millie_Woods

    I’m not a zoologist but I’m pretty sure that isn’t a lion.

  • DMB

    Who’s Really Responsible for the Killing of Zimbabwe’s Lions and Other Wildlife? http://time.com/3976344/cecil-lion-zimbabwe-walter-palmer/

  • Xavier

    All a strawman for animal rights and stirring up anti-weapon rhetoric.