US-backed Syrian rebels just released this awkward training video

“With the motorbike and dramatic soundtrack — coupled with the walkie-talkies and fatigues that look like they’ve been taken straight from US military brigades — it’s a full-blown theatrical production. And we’re not sure of the real motivation behind it, but now we’re just picturing US trainers and Knights’ rebels sitting in a room together saying, “Do you think we need more fire?”


I kinda like the opening it’s sorta Starsky & Hutch, maybe that should be Mostarsky and Hutchein, but the guy firing not one but 2 AK’s from the back of a bike? Well I’m just not believing that, way too A-Team;)

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    …just plain stoopid to be running around in the sun wearing black duds and a toque…

    • Looked pretty cheesy all round.

      • Petey

        A force with gear doesn’t need to demonstrate it has the gear like that. Just trying too hard all ’round.

        But then I’m an idiot for judging them like a music video.

  • simus1

    These moribund repetitive American initiatives are all cut from the same fake cloth. The costly creation of bogus “pro western” muslim combat groups followed by attempts to bribe anti American muslim fanatic terrorists like isis to come into the big tent and play nice. The isis crazies and their turkish buddies have no problem taking the money and guns but that is it.

    Probably the brainchild of an ad huckster with Emperor Barry’s ear whose answer to all problems is rebranding the shit and calling it “organic”.The real answer for decades has been to divide these fake countries along their ethnic and religious fault lines and move on but that trods on a lot of toes, especially turks with delusions of grandeur for the past and future..

  • luna

    Waste of the American taxpayers money.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    I wonder how long before that dog gets off the leash and we have to JDAM them into oblivion too.
    Yep, at least our advisors went to the trouble to have them wear their gear correctly, for the most part.that distinguishes them from ISIS and the various Shia “Fedayeen” right there.
    Hey, our Army has to do something with their old uniforms!
    Might as well equip and train a bunch of fighters of dubious pedigree and see what happens.

  • HalcyonDaze

    The circus act with the burning rings was nice along with the new Bettman sized NHL nets they were climbing but, you really knew it was a production when they started goose stepping around the parade square like an over demented SS regiment.
    Although, on the plus side the company commanders sword drill wasn’t bad and the present arms while weak was acceptable except for the nimrod on the end of the front rank who had the pistol grip resting on his man parts.
    All in all for a movie it wasn’t bad and the military advisor should be applauded for trying to keep it military. LOL

  • Blacksmith

    Maybe it was filmed in Dollywood?