The U.N. on smack

The child who runs into traffic or seeks to jam a toy into an electrical socket needs to understand that they’re not to do that act again. Sometimes a stern word will do. Sometimes a smack is required. The parent on the spot is better placed to decide that than a UN committee

I do not have children. I begin by making this point clear because (despite the brave, cogent, and rare defence of voluntary childlessness that one sees from time to time) it seems that, for many in Britain today, this childless state wholly invalidates any view that one might have about any aspect of child-rearing, or the place of children in society more generally.

I find this peculiar. I’ve never been to Brazil, but I’ve got some thoughts about our trading arrangements and relations with that fine country. I’ve not been sent to prison, but I’ve got opinions about the penal system and rehabilitation.