Rex Murphy: This election is about Stephen Harper — whether he should stay or go as Prime Minister

It’s about Harper. It is an election about whether Harper should stay or go as prime minister.

  • David Murrell

    Interesting tidbit: the Globe and Mail’s John Ibbitson is coming out with a book on Stephen Harper, a political biography. The e-book version is supposed to be out in mid-August.. Anyways the Globe is serializing the book, and the first installment came out yesterday (Saturday). So the timing of this book’s release is as Murphy says. It’s all abut Harper.

  • Shebel

    It is amost like it is Harper— against self -entitled Union bums that would have no problem bleeding Canada dry—
    — against useless bums that will never work at anything legal but still expect Society raise their Children.

    Harper is the only possible Candidate with the ability to deal with these Parasites.

  • Alain

    This election is about PM Harper only for the rabid Left suffering from Harper derangement syndrome. It is however about whether Canada will continue to exist as a well governed and prosperous country or take the same road as Ontario, the Greece of Canada, to economic ruin. In spite of not doing everything we would like, the only alternative to the present government offered to voters is pure socialism/communism which never works.

  • Factual

    The way I see it: it doesn’t matter. The only difference between a Harper Regime a Mulclair Regime or a Trudeau Regime is the economic ruin the latter two will run Canada into.

    Economic ruin and Leftist Regimes go hand in hand.

    But in-terms of Canada’s greatest issues – that of the invasion of their land by hostile peoples (Africans, Saracens, etc.) and the low-birthrate of the indigenous Canadians (European Canadians at 1.40 to 1.50 Native Canadians at 1.30 to 1.40) while the invaders are putting out a massive birthrate more than double that.

    We can look at Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, etc. and the now high crime rates in those cities – mostly at the hands of invaders of African or Saracen persuasion – to see the future of Canada under the boot of any of the three parties.

    Harper has done nothing to increase the indigenous birthrate of Canadians, and he has simultaneously done nothing to stem the tide of the invasion.

    And while I have no doubt the latter would be worse under the previous two, the result will be the same under any of the 3.

    Canada, under the guidance and direction of any of the current parties (Tory, NDP, Labour) has less than 60 years of existence left.

    The same as any Western nation.

    What every Western nations need is a Nationalistic Government or a Nationalistic Monarchy for a good 50+ years to clean up the pollution that the Left and the Cuckservatives have visited upon our lands.

    Neither one is in the cards.

    • Shebel

      Income splitting was something that I have hoped for the last 3 decades.
      Sure would have helped my family because the wife stayed home for 14 years to raise our own kids.

      The stupid Liberals think this Policy favors the RICH.

      This alone should demonstrate how ‘out of touch’ — the Liberals are with

      • Alain

        Yes indeed. My wife and I suffered the same discrimination by the tax system when raising our four children, so I am glad to see an end to the discrimination thanks to income splitting. The thing it most certainly does NOT do is to favour the rich.

        • Shebel

          I think they capped income splitting a $2000— so that the
          WEALTHY could not abuse it.

          The Liberals are a never ending Wealth of Idiocy.

      • Factual

        And your own grand-kids will grow up in a Country surrounded by people that hate them and want them dead.

        That’s if your children even have any kids, which the average White couple are increasingly not.

        The two biggest issues of our time are:

        The Invasion and Colonization of our lands by hostile Invaders; Mainly of the African and Saracen persuasion (same as Europe).

        The abysmally low birthrate of the natural peoples of the land, coupled with the astounding birthrate of the invaders.

        Economics doesn’t even factor into the discussion – you need a Country to worry about the economics of it – and the Canadian people are rapidly losing their Country, just like their cousins in Europe.

        • Shebel

          My kids actually think that Muslims are getting the raw end of the stick…

          by Isamophobic, Racist Colonizers —like myself.

          It doesn’t even bother me anymore.

          I am RIGHT—–and they are just simple indoctrinated and WRONG

          • Factual

            I’m sorry your children have turned their backs on their Country, People and most importantly, their family.

            I’m even more sorry that our Country grooms our children to do so.

          • k1992

            It is not the country per se doing this but the education system itself that has been compromised by leftists (if Paul Weston is right). A relatively small group of powerful ideologues are behind this whole thing, but the vast majority of people (including the muslims themselves) are just ignorant tools for them. But these leftists CAN still be opposed – and must be.

          • Linda1000

            It’s not just your own kids, talk to any younger person under 40 or maybe 50 today and 80% of them will think basically the same as your kids. Some times I think I should be living on another planet because I keep hearing:
            – that’s racist
            – don’t be so judgemental
            – grow up
            – be more accepting, keep an open mind
            My favourite is they all want to “make the world a better place”.

          • k1992

            They say the average IQ in the West has been declining for a century or more.

          • Linda1000

            Interesting study. All I know is that in Canada so many Asian students are out-performing all the Western kids but I thought that was due to parental discipline and working so hard at their studies. A young Chinese family with three little kids lives close to me. They send their kids to Mandarin classes every Sat. morning in addition to the regular school week. Both parents work also.

          • Justin St.Denis

            Time was, parents sent their kids to Sunday School or Bible School one day every weekend.

          • Linda1000

            I’m not sure that would help so much. Today some of the most religious groups like Mormons and Baptists are very liberal left-thinking families. Just witness all the religious groups in Canada and the U.S. supporting and helping with bringing in more new and not the most ideal immigrants.

          • Alain

            True and it is fruit of around 50 years of cultural marxist brainwashing and indoctrination provided by what used to be an education system. By extension it has infiltrated the media, and add to all this the common tendency of indifference to what is happening in the world around them, is it any wonder that the majority of the younger generations see no evil and hear no evil. The sole interest for each is his or her own little bubble.

            This is a cancer that has infected all of the Western countries, and I include Israel. A 30 something Australian friend of my oldest son was just here the other day for a visit, and I mentioned that based on news reports Australia has its share of Muslim problems. His response was that Australians (“we Australians”) tend to be quiet racist and the Muslims there have had a hard time due to it. He ended with it being a problem caused by religion, meaning that all religious people are the same. I realised there was no point in pursuing the topic at that point, especially him being a guest in our home and not wishing to offend him. I admit to being speechless though since the Muslim problem in Australia is truly far worse than here. I cannot pretend that my own adult children are any more enlightened, or even interested, when it comes to Islam and Muslims.

          • Linda1000

            Oh, I know and what race is Muslim again – but never mind. Australia has a lot of Lebanese who are quite rowdy. 🙂

          • Factual

            A time is coming, and some one argue it already has, when you are going to have to pick what is more important, Alain.

            Friendship with people who believe our people deserve to be extinct (that’s what that Australian friend of yours believes, trust that)

            Or cutting those cancers out of your life.

            I personally have nothing to do with them anymore.

            The last friend I dropped due to this, we got into a fist-fight.

            He’ll watch his mouth from now on.

          • Alain

            Had it been someone I see on a regular basis and not just a passing guest for one day, I would have pursued the topic.

          • Linda1000

            I agree with almost everything in all your posts on here tonight. You have a very realistic insight so I hope there are a lot more young people waking up. The only place I know of where people are still willing to fight for their country is the U.S. There are at least 30+ million patriotic Americans who are very angry at the “traitors” in Washington D.C. and they’re heavily armed. I still see hope for the U.S. because people have their guns. Cdns have never had the same fighting energy or they’re still asleep at the switch on immigration. Sadly, I’m just as pessimistic as you in that Canada is going to burn like Europe. Before 2050, most of our cities will be white minority (Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal for sure).

          • Factual

            I’m 26 years old. I was born in 89. I’m more than likely more ‘extreme’ than any of the ‘older’ gentlemen and ladies on this site.

            See, I believe the only way forward is through violence. I don’t believe in the political process. I don’t believe in Democracy. I don’t believe in peace.

            These things have brought us to where we are – a place where I am losing my identity or having it attacked, a place where I feel like a foreigner in my own land, a place where my own culture is becoming alien to me.

            And these things were allowed to happen because of ‘Peace’, because of ‘Democracy’, because of ‘Politics’. I no longer hold any faith with any of that nonsense whatsoever.

            “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the majority discovers it can vote itself largess out of the public treasury. After that, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits with the result the democracy collapses because of the loose fiscal policy ensuing, always to be followed by a dictatorship, then a monarchy.”

            I don’t know who spoke this quote, but it sums it up perfectly.

            So for me, violence is the only answer. Violent revolution, rebellion, resistance.

            Most of you ‘old’ folk don’t see the situation as I see it – even on this website. What I see it as is a genocide, pure and simple.

            Just like the Dalai lama said the Chinese were committing cultural genocide against the Tibetans by flooding Tibetan land with Han Chinese, so to are our Western Regimes enacting on us a genocide of both cultural and demographic making by flooding our lands with not only peoples alien to our lands and cultures, but in most cases, openly hostile to them (Saracens, Africans).

            For me, violence against this is the only answer.

            But 5 years ago? I was a glue sniffing liberal who thought the sun shone from the ass of every immigrant, I loved rap and anyone who didn’t was a disgusting racist to me.

            I woke the fuck up, to put it bluntly, because the horror of what was happening to my people shattered every layer of brainwashing that was infesting my head.

            Facts, you see, cannot be tampered with. And facts are only reality put into the form of numbers.

            The situation has only gotten worse since then. Europe now burns.

          • ThomasB

            If you used to be a liberal and changed, surely it’s possible to convince – through reasoned argument, facts, as you say – other young liberals and progressives that they’re wrong, that massive immigration needs to be resisted?

          • Factual

            I’m sorry, but I don’t believe so, Thomas. No one convinced me you see, I just.. how do you put it? I just ‘woke up’ I guess.

            I classify it as an ‘Awakening’.

            I think that, in the frame of mind I was, if someone tried to argue with me about the situation, regardless of how factual they were, I don’t think I’d hear them. All I would have seen was a racist, a Nazi, etc.

            It would have reinforced what I now call the psychosis.

            I believe what happened to me is something that has to happen on it’s own. It can’t be forced or persuaded. It has to happen naturally through reality alone.

            If you were to try and convince me of said reality, even using facts that were born of it, I’d have not listened to a word you said.

            You could have pointed out the rapes in Sweden, the riots in England, the crime-rate in American cities, the attacks on free speech, the Demographic time bomb, the story of the Native American, etc. and all I would have heard at that time coming from you or anyone like you was:

            “I’m a Nazi, I’m a White Supremacist”

          • Doug Kursk

            For whom, I wonder?

            Our children are indoctrinated much like youth were during both the Nazis and Communist eras. I fear that our own children would turn us in, if it was politically expedient to do so.

          • Justin St.Denis

            My kids are all under forty and are staunch conservatives. To boot, they all married similarly conservative people. There is SOME hope….

          • Linda1000

            Not enough like your family tho. Even in the U.S. the conservative base of voters, lobbyists, leaders, think tanks admit that they are losing the battle against the large left socialist movement and more recently Islam. Maybe when Europe really implodes North America will wake up.

          • FactsWillOut

            “Whom the Gods would destroy, the first make mad”

          • Linda1000

            By my count the Gods have been making muslims angry for the last 1400 years and they are increasing. So when will the God’s strike?

          • FactsWillOut

            Mad actually means crazy, not angry.

          • Justin St.Denis

            How did you fail so miserably?

          • Shebel

            I think that I must have pampered them too much.

    • k1992

      Unfortunately, I think you’re assessment is accurate. Harper may have tried to slow immigration (MAY) and suppress the power of the invading Muslims etc., but his efforts have been at best weak. Maybe this is to do with even his powerlessness in the face of the bureaucrats and intelligentsia. Regardless, he, and his party, have failed to halt or even slow the invasion of Canada by hostile forces.

      As an aside, there is an interesting speech by Paul Weston which attributes the blight of multiculturalism directly to socialism/communism.

      • Factual

        The basis of the invasion and colonizations of our lands is directly tied to the pervasive ideas of White Guilt and White Submission.

        Which are two ideological points tied directly to the Left (Not just the Far left anymore) and Cuckservatives.

        A cuckservative is a fauxRight-winger who is, when you peel back the layers, a Leftist.

        Hence why this ‘Global Immigration Crisis’ is only affecting White/European Countries.

        The two ideological points of White Guilt and White Submission are directly tied to far-Left Marxist ideas.

        White Guilt breaks down your identity, while White Submission turns you into a traitor to your people.

        • Factual

          The end result of this ideology goes like this:

          White Miniaturization and Powerlessness > White Serfdom/Slavery > White Extinction

          During the first phase – Whites are turned into minorities in every land they inhabit. They are bombarded with constant White Guilt and White Submission propaganda to turn them into quislings – while the Invaders are pumped full of hatred of Whites.

          The second phase, that of the White serfdom/slaver, is when Whites become a powerless minority ruled over by the invaders who hate and despise them. Under this time period, Whites will be used as slaves, basically.

          The third phase is pretty obvious. Our people are breeded out of existence as if we never existed.

          If you ever speak to a Lefty about this – you’ll note how they say “in 100 years well all be brown anyway”.

          It’s them admitting the genocide.

        • ThomasB

          Yes, if it was just to do with socialism/communism, why isn’t China engaging in the particular insanity of multiculturalism?

        • The alleged “Right” wants cheap labour hence mass immigration. Multiculturalism is used as a divide and conquer strategy to keep the populace in line. Anyone questioning the corporate line is labelled a racist and instantly marginalized.

          Interestingly Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders threw his leftist audience for a loop last week by pointing out that mass immigration impoverishes everyone which is why he opposes it. A position traditionally held by earlier generations of leftist labour types i.e. Samuel Gompers.

          Today’s left are basically dupes having adopted the specious narrative that mass unfettered immigration and open borders are humanitarian acts when in fact they will hasten their own demise. They are the enforcers wielding multiculturalism’s implicit charge of racism as a bludgeon to silence dissent.

          • jayme

            BCF, if you haven’t read this, you might find it interesting. Steyn (and Ann Coulter) says the problem is immigration in general, not just ILLEGAL immigration.

          • Yup Mass immigration is the biggest most destructive con-job ever perpetrated on our nation and the USA.

            It is a traitorous conspiracy by our corporate and political classes designed to enrich the elite at the expense of the common man.

          • jayme

            So, if I’m understanding this correctly (which I’m probably not!) both the “right” (in name at least) and the left are primarily interested in massive immigration in order to solidify their power and control over the populace. Because, of course, a large percentage of these new “workers” go straight to welfare and never work. They are being used to break social cohesion, as you suggest, and to enable the strengthening of the welfare state, and the government thereby. The public service has of course ballooned under the “conservative” Conservatives ….

          • Right and Left desire mass immigration for their own selfish reasons. The end result is the same a divided populace cowed into submission. Diversity proponents are the new Kommissars.

          • Alain

            I suggest you are correct about it being the “right” in name only. People bang on about terrible capitalism when capitalism in the West has been replaced with corporate socialism or crony capitalism, which belong to the Left.

          • Joseph Shmeau

            Good points. In the runup to the American election both Sanders and Trump are talking about the downside of mass immigration. In Canada … crickets.

          • Jason

            Then we need to make them talk about it – let the CBC call us racists and xenophobes, etc., all they want. Canadians need to discuss immigration, and force our politicians to address it.

          • Exactly so.

          • Our government is hell bent on buying votes, like all politicians they are only willing to act in the short term in only a manner that will benefit their personal interest. Expect no help from them whatsoever.

            No one has the political courage to admit that Multiculturalism is a corrosive divisive policy that must be ended.

            No one has the political courage to admit that mass immigration & a TFW program for God’s sake are not an economic panacea but simply a calculated manipulation of the market by corporate interests to enrich the elites.

          • Factual

            Rather than do the natural thing – increase the native birthrates, they are doing the genocidal thing and replacing the people, culture and eventually society.

            Canada in 60 years will not be Canada.

            Heck, my grandparents (both sides) had 11+ children each. This was at a time when everyone was dirt poor and the Government pretty much didn’t exist.

            Yet between two couples they raised 24 children. (11 on Moms side, 13 on Fathers side). No toilets or anything.

            Now you’d be lucky to get one child out of a Canadian couple that is native.

          • Bataviawillem

            I can see the cheap labour argument, but why pick muslims for that, christian filipinos or hindu indians are a far better choice if you want a cheap docile labour force.
            I can’t believe that the “Right” does not know that for decades already, there must be more to it.

      • Joseph Shmeau

        Harper has NOT tried to slow immigration, he has increased it. He is also responsible for the huge expansion of the so-called Temporary Foreign Workers program, which may have brought as many as a million low-wage workers to Canada.

        The economy can go up and the economy can go down, but these floods of Third World immigrants are permanent.

        • Alain

          While I totally agree, do you think the NDP or Liberals would improve the situation or make it even worse? Yes, it is very possible for make it worse.

          • Factual

            I think the numbers would probably rise (Which they are now doing under the Cuckservatives anyway) but the type of people would change drastically.

            You’d get more Saracens and Africans and less East-Asians (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc).

      • Chris Alexander has been pleased to announce that Canada is hoping to set new records for immigration next year. They have cut back a bit from places like Pakistan if the local Shia forums are correct as I see complaints that applications are no longer processed as quickly or easily as in the past.

        • Jason

          The Philippines and China, mostly. But he’s still a sleazy traitor.

          • I have nothing against immigration as needed but mass immigration is no longer necessary, especially in an era when offshoring has ripped the heart out of manufacturing in this country.

            Automation may prove to be the cause of the next great displacement of workers. What sort of jobs will there be with no manufacturing and even McDonald’s automated?

          • Alain

            Mass immigration of any kind makes it impossible to absorb and integrate the immigrants, and it always results in the balkanisation of the country. Add to that fact immigrants who have no shared culture, values, history with their host country, the situation gets even worse.

          • All characteristic of recent immigrant inflow to Canada.

  • Maurixio Garcia Sanchez

    Harper is like been the captain of Titanic,he already promised the country will never sink,he already can see the country in the botton of the ocean.

    • But the boat will sink much less quickly with him around than with any other party. And maybe meanwhile some new thing will happen and save the day. History is full of surprises.

      • FactsWillOut

        Name one.

        • I don’t know. Just speaking generally – history is full of surprises, sometimes good ones.

          • Linda1000

            Cdns. are too complacent or generally just go along to get along. When is the last time Canada even said anything critical of the crazy EU or the UN?

      • Maurixio Garcia Sanchez

        If you know that the country is getting into the worst,why not make a change?

        • Harper is the best available.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Ah! Another helping of word salad from the infamous Maurixio…

  • He’ll go in 2017.

  • Please do stay, Mr Harper. Canada needs you.

  • FactsWillOut

    Ahh, the timeless tradition of holding one’s nose while voting.
    Voting at the ballots doesn’t seem to work, nor do voting with one’s feet or wallets. You know what that leaves, don’t you? Factual does.