Obama’s “deal” with Iran leaves them flush with cash and able to dodge the inspectors

The Obama administration said they’d do whatever they had to do, to get a deal done and apparently what they had to do was give Iran everything they wanted, asking nothing in return.

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    If the U.S. isn’t privy to Iran’s dealings with the IAEA, it’s because Secretary of State John Kerry and other negotiators conceded the point to Iran at the 11th hour. He might have done so figuring that punting to the IAEA gave him the chance to seal the deal without having to know exactly what’s in it. To adapt Nancy Pelosi’s phrase, if you pass the deal you still won’t know what’s in it. So much for President Obama’s assurances that the deal isn’t based on trust but on “unprecedented verification.”


  • luna

    Rewarding Iran for bad behavior is a bad deal. This deal is only going to make Iran more dangerous.

  • Raymond Cameron

    It would have been simpler to give Iran some bombs and ask them not to use them…

  • Lol. Did you see this article?


    This says that things are even worse (or maybe better) than they are made to seem by the nincompoops in the State Department and the lying scheming fake US president, not to mention the dishonest morons in EU diplomacy.

    QUOTE: Iran Nuclear Chief: Vienna Text ‘Not an Agreement, or Treaty’

    Statements by nuclear chief Salehi raise question: does the unsigned deal with Iran even obligate it to do anything?

    IRNA, the Iranian state news agency, quotes Ali-Akbar Salehi, Head Nuclear Negotiator and Head of the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization (AEOI), as stating that “The [Vienna JCPOA] text is not regarded as an international agreement, convention, or treaty. Therefore, it has been named the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).”

    Salehi made the statement in the context of whether the JCPOA had to be referred to the Iranian parliament – or Majlis – for approval.

    Salehi also reportedly asserted that “to his knowledge, only international conventions and treaties had to be referred to the Iranian parliament for approval,” and therefore, the government did not have to send the JCPOA for approval to the Iranian Parliament.

    IRNA added that according to Salehi, “the term Comprehensive Joint Plan of Action contains itself, it is not an international convention or pact so he could not see why it should be referred to [the Iranian] parliament.”

    Salehi’s assertion that the JCPOA is not an “international agreement, convention, or treaty” jibes with the JCPOA document itself, which states that the entire document is “voluntary” on all the parties.

    The quotes by the lead Iranian negotiator raises the question of what exactly the JCPOA is, and whether the unsigned JCPOA obligates Iran or any of the P5+1 countries to do anything.

    • luna

      It lifts sanctions.

      • Yes, that seems to have been the purpose of the whole exercise.

        But the deal itself is just make believe – a will o’ the wisp. It obligates Iran to nothing at all.

        • luna

          It’s not clear what obligations Iran has under this deal. But it is clear they still consider themselves at war with us, and continue development of nuclear weaponry, and delivery systems.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    At least, the in-laws of Kerry’s daughter are safe.

    • luna

      Not as long as they are in Iran, and Kerry is at the State department.

  • barryjr

    Iran played Dumbo and Lurch the way Dumbo plays McConnell and Boehner.

  • BillyHW

    Do you think maybe possibly he’s a muslim?

  • As predicted in 2008.

    This is what Obama and, by extension, the American voters wanted. They will have their war before the year is out.