Muslim Head Chopper Khaled Sharrouf may have died in air strike weeks after he tried to fake his death

NOTORIOUS terrorist Khaled Sharrouf may have died in an air strike in the Middle East weeks after he reportedly tried to fake his death.

The latest speculation about Sharrouf’s fate was sparked by Australia’s top ­Islamic State recruiter Neil Prakash, who paid tribute to Sharrouf as his “dear beloved brother” at the weekend.

Terrorism experts told the Herald Sun that a tweet posted by Prakash suggested Sharrouf was dying or dead.

The Federal Government is aware of Prakash’s post but has been unable to verify it.

Prakash, from Melbourne, referred to Sharrouf by his fighting name, Abu Zarqawi Al Australi.

He asked Allah to grant Sharrouf “a shahadah that’s accepted”, a phrase he used previously in reference to dead IS fighters.

“Ya khanazeer (pigs) your pilots will suffer,” Prakash wrote.