Iran uses fabricated WikiLeaks cable to smear UN rights rapporteur

Iran has launched a sophisticated smear campaign against the UN special rapporteur investigating its human rights violations by widely spreading a fabricated WikiLeaks cable purporting to show he received bribes from Saudi Arabia.

In a concerted effort aimed at discrediting Ahmed Shaheed in the eyes of the general public, Iranian state-run agencies and semi-official websites simultaneously carried articles claiming that the Saudi embassy in Kuwait had paid the UN envoy $1m to take an anti-Iran position. It dominated many Iranian front pages on Tuesday and an Iranian official later used the false information to question Shaheed’s credibility.

  • Gary

    If you want to know how sick and twisted the liberal leftist progressives are in Ontario in general , I post a comment last year in 2014 that condemned iran for the homophobia for which I post a photo like this one of gays being hanged.

    Now, if you think that the Planned parenthood support was insane to be more upset of the Video being done in secret and not the baby parts being sold-off prior to the abortion. I had someone go on a rant and attack me for posting such an offensive photo that they told be to never show again in public.
    That’s right folks, not a word of compassion or anger for the hanging of gays IN the photo, only outrage that I ruined their day with a horrific image that offended them .

    No big shock either if the Liberal leftists were upset at the ISIS photo of gays being tossed of roof tops as disgusting and offensive to see on the internet
    while they don’t say a word about act to murder gays for allah.

    The PRIDE parade allowed a pro-hamas/sharia groups to march as part of inclusion and yet hamas brutally murders gays in gaza.

  • Hard Little Machine

    That’s the try outs for the Iranian Olympic high jumping team.