“Double standards based on race”: Ontario’s First Nations reserves break tobacco laws with impunity — caught on tape

After selling cigarettes to minors, a Richmond Hill mom & pop variety store was driven out of business. I investigate Ontario’s two-tier justice system when it comes to tobacco sales and First Nations reserves.

  • BillyHW

    But Indians are special snowflakes.

  • canminuteman

    The government is afraid of another Oka. They will do anything to avoid it. I was based in Petawawa at the time of the “Oka Crisis” (I didn’t deploy there, but was involve in a support role), and it was a bad time for the army. First time since Red River that the army was deployed against our fellow Canadians (even if they don’t look at themselves that way).

    I recall it was the politicians who were the bloodthirsty ones and the army had to talk them down. The politicians were prepared to send the army in with guns blazing until the commander told them how they would have to evacuate half of Montreal to prevent collateral damage from rounds going down range.

    Edit – I suppose you could count the FLQ crisis as a deployment against other Canadians too.

    • ntt1

      In the Icomic photo of the indian activist facing down a very young Canadian army member it should be remembered that the native pictured was “Lasagna” an italian/american from upstate new york with no indian blood at all. just a thug.and a foreign one at that.

    • Minicapt

      The politicians weren’t particularly bloodthirsty, but they had the impression that the Army could march in at 0900hrs and have everything cleaned up by noon.
      The fun bit was that after the affair was over, the Government buried the bill for the “Aid to the Civil Authorities” operation, and Quebec was not charged any expenses.


  • ntt1

    Two tiered justice and the Indian act have to go it has outlived its purpose and is now creating more divisiveness than helping the natives. Time for an individual buyout and an end to all land claims .

  • ontario john

    I guess selling smokes to minors is an ancient indian tradition. I’m sure their will be university courses in the Fall.

  • kkruger71

    When you tax a product at 70-80%, someone’s going to step in. What makes me laugh is they now (so I’ve heard) have authorities setting up just around the outside of the reserve to try and snag the shoppers that go in and buy, then bust them once they leave. Try to picture the government doing that with any type of drug dealers.

    • Alain

      You are dead right about excessive greed and taxation by government creating a black market.

  • jayme

    There is a huge and I mean huge issue in the 1000 Islands with this and yet not one party at any level will address it.

  • lolwut?

    It’s the taxes……. lower them and the profit motive goes away.

  • Gary

    Why the shock, just look at how Wynne ignores the muslims when they break the law for child-abuse or overt misogyny . Or how about the Mosque in a Public school that uses the same quran as ISIS with verses to kill gays for allah.

    Diversity Cops now enforce their own laws within their comm unity they were parachuted into and are stuck there with no skills for true Diversity to work in a large American city based on English and US laws.