Zero Tolerance for Jewish and Arab Terror in the Middle East

Israel was shaken today by the news that last night what is believed to be a group of Jewish terrorists conducted an arson attack in the West Bank village of Duma that left an 18-month-old child dead and his four-year-old brother gravely injured. This atrocity has been roundly condemned by the Israeli government and authorities have promised that those responsible will be caught and punished to the full extent of the law. Yet the likely fate of these terrorists is not the most important issue at the moment. For many the crime calls into question what is believed to be a lenient attitude on the part of Israeli authorities to violent extremists living in West Bank settlements thought to be behind the attack. While the situation in the settlements is far more complex than that conclusion, Palestinians are already branding the Israeli government as being somehow responsible for the murder, a stance that will no doubt be echoed by Israel-haters around the world. But while such charges are rooted more in prejudice against Israel than the facts, the Jewish state must seize this moment to engage in more than just the routine soul searching that occurs anytime an Israeli does something awful.

  • ontario john

    But what about Cecil the lion?

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      His death shall be avenged.
      In the worst possible way…

    • Evidently he has relayed a profound message from the other side via an Animal psychic.

      • Linda1000

        You guys are just a bunch of little pussycat h8ters on this blog for not defending Cecil the lion. 🙂
        He is now sending messages through an “animal communicator” in the U.S.
        I think we have similar dumb blondes in Canada because I know of one person who had their dog’s “life summary” or something written up by a “psychic spiritualist” after it died. Whatever makes you feel better I guess. Pic stolen from WZIPPERS.

        • UCSPanther

          I think Cecil would probably just say “You look awful tasty. I wager my pride would just run you down no sweat and make a fine meal out of you.”

  • Waffle

    I’m feeling like I did when Baruch Goldstein committed his act of unthinking stupidity and selfishness kicking off the 2nd intifada.

    • Yup, Israel has to deal quickly and harshly with the Price Taggers.

      • Zaba

        Sounds like they are guilty in this incident.

    • Zaba

      You know the Jews did it?

    • Anon

      About that funny feeling…Goldstein was in 1994, 2nd intifada didn’t start to 2000. 1st intifada ended in early 90’s. 60 attacks against Jews in the last 9 days by Palestinians, approximately 20 were firebombs, including 1 house fire…and we got one alleged price tag arson attack so depending on your politics the ration is either 60-1 or 20-1. As long as the Palestinian Authority refuses to deal with the ‘resistance’ price tag attacks as regrettable as they are almost inevitable given human nature…you should be asking yourself what is the number of times you will be fire bombed before you start fighting back. I doubt you would make it to 10

      • Waffle

        Good points, but I don’t have a “funny” feeling as you have chosen to misinterpret my words. I just feel sick. And yes, I understand human nature, but that doesn’t mean that Jews have to descend to the level of the barbarism that surrounds us.
        Subject: Re: Comment on Zero Tolerance for Jewish and Arab Terror in the Middle East

        • GottaQHFilly

          Yeah, ya do. If you want to survive.

  • GottaQHFilly

    Go Israeli Defenders!