Why Islamic State is losing strategic momentum

The Middle East lurched farther toward chaos last weekend as Turkey assumed an active military role against Islamic State for the first time.

Between the Turkish intervention and the paroxysms of reaction to the Iranian nuclear deal signed July 14, the end of Ramadan passed almost unnoticed. This was a guardedly hopeful surprise, since many analysts had forecast that IS would mount spectacular terrorist and military operations during the holy month. Among other things, IS was eager to commemorate the first anniversary of their caliphate – June 29 – and to display continuing strategic momentum.


It’s doubtful our “allies” will be able to retake Anbar province let alone defeat ISIS.

Half of our allies are simultaneously fighting the other half and or financing Muslim terrorist groups the equal of ISIS in depravity.

Until we are ready to WW II all of the Mid-East Muslim terror states there is no point in our being there beyond encouraging the continued carnage.

  • Gary

    I still say that they cover their faces so their co-workers in CUPE , or Bob Kinnear at the TTC , won’t recognize them and know where they took a vacation to get closer to allah .

  • Norman_In_New_York

    A stalemate between the Muslim factions is the best thing that can happen to us.

    • mobuyus

      A lethal stalemate.

  • Martin B

    There’s something to be said for encouraging continued carnage. Think of the Iran/Iraq war, total stalemate, neither side gaining an inch of territory, nothing to show for a decade of war but two huge piles of corpses. The world would be a better place today if Saddam & the Ayatollahs were still at it.

  • Because we are not serious in liquidating ISIS and countries like Saudi Arabia might be, ISIS will continue being the band of child-raping thugs that they are. Iran will grow in nuclear strength and Jordan and Israel will be quite nervous. Turkey is a lost cause in any event.

    Nothing about this looks good.

    • Because nothing is.

      • Oh, goody gumdrops.

        (Mmmmm…. gumdrops…. Sorry.)

        I would like to hear from all serious candidates in this election (and by serious candidates, I mean Harper) what their plans for liquidating ISIS are.