Victimhood Matrix Tragedy: White gay dads mixed-race adopted son taken away to live with black aunt he never met

A ‘perfect’ adoptive couple had a mixed-race toddler they viewed as their own son taken away to live with a black aunt he had never met.

The pair, who are white, said they had been left frantic with worry about the boy’s future, and blamed the authorities for focusing on his ethnicity ‘rather than his best interests’.

The boy was removed after a judge ruled that he should grow up within his extended family, despite admitting the decision would cause ‘intense grief’ and praising the married gay couple as ‘perfect’ parents.

  • G

    Race trumps gay. As far as the pair being “frantic with worry”, sorry, but I simply don’t care.
    If you gay yuppie shits want to “play house” ….”I’ll be the mommy and you be the daddy” … Then play it with a doll. Not with a human being.

    • Blacksmith

      “If you gay yuppie shits want to “play house” ….”I’ll be the mommy and
      you be the daddy” … Then play it with a doll. Not with a human
      Well said. If you can’t procreate naturally due to gender then you cannot be parents.

      • k1962

        No, just no.

  • Justin St.Denis

    And the victims of the unintended consequences of liberal progressive ideology start adding up……….

    • Blacksmith

      Bit of Karma eh?

      • Justin St.Denis

        You think children should suffer because of the folly of adults?

        • Blacksmith

          Absolutely NOT, I was not clear, I meant one protected group getting over on another.

  • Allan

    So instead of the kid getting a great education, rising above the gang, thug culture of the ghetto, he’ll be another casualty of the “progressive” agenda.

    • G

      You are assuming the aunt is part of the “ghetto culture”. Just because they are black doesn’t ran they’re “thugs” or gang members.

      • Blacksmith

        Without details we will never know.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        It’s a statistically valid assumption.

  • irishrus

    So and if when they do the study that says… Duh! there is a much higher incidence of homosexual mental illness in children adopted by homosexuals than the normal population of 2% fag are these ‘parents’ going to be charged with sexual abuse and are they going to be able to sue the living shit out of children services like abused natives did to government.

    Lawyers (well the straight ones) start your engines!

    • El Martyachi

      That’s an optimistic take.

  • ed

    in the uk over half of convicted paedophiles are homosexual men !

    • k1962

      And what is the other half? Heterosexual men?

      • Minicapt

        1.5% of the population commits 50% of the crimes; the other 50% of the crimes are committed by the remaining 98.5% of the population. You should learn ‘rithmatics.


        • k1962

          They aren’t your usual gay man. They are pedophiles. They aren’t into having sex with adult men, just male children. Just like heterosexual pedophiles don’t like having sex with adult women; they are sexually attracted to female children. So what are the stats on gay pedophiles versus straight pedophiles?

  • Clink9

    “Perfect” parents. Must be a woman hater to describe them as that.

  • If the biological family had wanted the kid the time to worry about that was before he’d been given to new parents. He’s a child, not a piece of furniture.

    And for all you guys saying that it’s so awful that a gay couple were raising him, well, his aunt is single and apparently already has a kid. So that’s not exactly a stable, traditional family. My guess is that the boy is far more likely to be abused by one of her boyfriends, if she starts collecting them, then he would have been by his adopted “fathers”.

    • Waffle

      You forgot to mention that the biological father is an asylum seeker, according to the article. So, does this mean the child is an “anchor”? Forgive me for thinking that we are living in a post-racial world. Silly me.

      • k1962

        And she probably collects more welfare and maybe a bigger place. Why didn’t his dad want him?

        • Waffle

          He was probably unaware of the financial benefits of fathership (at the time). He seems to have learned a lot since then.

    • I’m shamefully amused at the clash of victim-hood groups each seeking hierarchical oneupmanship.

    • UCSPanther

      Here we see another ideological collision between foreign ethnic groups and domestic “special interest groups” in action.

      What tangled webs we weave…

    • G

      I would also like to point out B. Mam. that you are right . The child is NOT a piece of furniture. Nor is he a device for the appearance of normalcy.

      “Look at us! We’re just a little happy family! We have a baby & everything! Just like REAL couples”!

      I was raised by a single mother who worked her ass off as a chambermaid. I guess she must have done something wrong because I didn’t join a gang or become a thug or get abused by one of the thousands of boyfriends that I’m sure you assume she must have had.

      • Justin St.Denis

        Oh, stop it! Mamba did not even suggest that. You are being an idiot.

      • Oh calm down. I don’t assume anything about her, any more than I assume that this gay couple are predators or are using this kid as a prop or something. Some people, you for example, are suggesting that that’s what they probably are doing. I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt and assuming that they love the kid.

        No doubt being raised by two gay men isn’t ideal. Are you suggesting that being raised by a single mother is?

        That’s pretty melodramatic, trying to pretend people are insulting your sainted mom. You must be bored.

        • G

          I’m pointing out you obtuse dumb ass that the single mother should be given the benefit of a doubt just like your precious fags. You must be a fucking twit.

          • You’d be better off not commenting when you’re drunk and looking for a fight.

          • G

            Well, I’m not drunk. But really, what would the problem be if someone DID post when they are drunk?

            At least they can sober up. What are you going to do? You can’t fix stupid.

          • Depends whether they can hold it. You don’t seem to be able to control yourself sober. I suggest you stop insulting people, including me.

          • G

            I’ll insult those who throw around snotty cracks like “drunk” and “sainted mother”. Don’t scream and throw shit and I’ll quit calling you an ape.

          • I’ll unban you in 24 hours.

          • Clink9

            That’s a wee bit offside. The gays are making us fight each other like a bad Star Trek episode!

    • BillyHW

      Women shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Sheesh.

  • John

    jhis same tribunal removed three foster children from a home run by experienced foster parents because those parents were members of UKIP. This is Rotherham where social services sacrificed the well being of some 1,400 under aged White girls on the altar of PC demands

  • BillyHW

    I sense this decision tore a hole in the space time continuum.

  • HA!

    Sit back and watch the clown show.

  • Xavier

    Wait. Is the black aunt really black or does she just identify as black?
    And more importantly, is she a transgender pedophile?

    • Not if she says she isn’t.