So I upgraded a Laptop to Windows 10

On the sage advice of Drunk By Noon… I decided to try the upgrade late last night, because I always do these things late at night, too late at night. I don’t know why.

Even though it was a properly activated and eligible for upgrade OS version I still hadn’t received the little Windows taskbar notification.

So I had to use the Windows media creation tool, you can download it here.

I downloaded the files made a disc and ran the upgrade exe. No problems at all on a Toshiba laptop running an AMD chipset.

I haven’t had a lot of time to play with it so far, but Microsoft Edge, the new browser runs fast.

Wifi Sense seems a little spooky however.

I will wait a bit before upgrading my main box.

PS. As of midnite tonight I will be without Power… Turns out Hydro was never properly connected to the condo resulting in periodic outages and the frying of electronic equipment etc.

They hope to have it fixed by 4 AM.

PPS. 6 am Sunday morning is the rumoured election announcement.