New Aussie anti-Islamic party guns for 20 per cent of the vote

Australia officially now has a political party modelled on the far-right wing movements in Europe and dedicated to the idea that Islam is a “totalitarian ideology with global aspirations”.

The Australian Liberty Alliance gained approval from the Australian Electoral Commission on Wednesday for registration as a party, having signed up well over the required 500 members and attracted no objections.

Its national secretary, Ralf Schumann, confirmed that controversial anti-Muslim Dutch politician Geert Wilders planned to launch the party on October 20.

  • Mr_bigstuff

    Sadly I really believe we need something like this in Canada-

    • k1992

      Absolutely, unequivocally. But I fear that Canadians don’t have the chutzpah and good sense of Australians for this; I hope I’m wrong.

    • Yes we do.

    • Alain

      I agree except why the adverb “sadly”. Unless it is that sadly we have not a single party or politician willing to confront the problem.

      • Mr_bigstuff

        That is exactly what I mean when I use the word ‘sadly’ – In their drive for votes governments at any level are to busy kissing the asses of moslems and are selling Canada out to terrorists-

    • john700

      That will make certain an NDP government for the next 10 years.

  • Dave

    “Islamic Council of Victoria spokesman Kuranda Seyit said it was quite
    ludicrous for the ALA to worry about the Islamisation of Australia
    “considering that about 2 per cent of Australians are Muslim, and about
    half of them are just nominal Muslims”.
    That means 1% of 23 million equals 230000 NOT normal muslims. I don’t know about you but I’m not liking those odds.

    • Yikes!

    • pike bishop

      “Nominal” is an interesting spin.

  • Blind Druid

    The Aussies and their politicos (except for their own quota of stupid lefties) are to be lauded as examples for Canada. I love their “tow-back” policy for attempted sea landings, that is – round them up and give them a fully equipped lifeboat with only enough fuel to get back where they came from, and cut em loose way past the halfway point back to their country. We don’t have that problem, except for those Tamils that hit the coast of B.C. – of course they all vanished. But at least the Aussies can name the threat. They are a tough crew, their way of life is precious to them. and woe betide anybody who wants to dick with it. Been there last year, talked to lots of them, they won’t stand for much of this Muzzie bullshit.

    • Cheryl

      Sure wish Canada was more like Australia but the way it is going Canadians don’t have the same backbone as the Australians and that is a shame.

  • ellake

    Author and consultant Tasneem Chopra said Muslims in Australia had been successfully integrating for centuries,
    Well, in 1915 there was a “notable event involving Australian Muslims which has been described either as an act of war by the Ottoman Empire, or the earliest terrorist attack planned against Australian civilians. Two Afghans who pledged allegiance to the Ottoman Empire shot and killed four Australians and wounded seven others before being killed by the police”.

    Successfully integrated?

  • Ed

    I look in vain for ANY media references to “far left” parties. Only “far right” parties are apparently capable of being “far.”

  • infedel

    They are not “far-right wing”, they are citizens.