‘Naked and Afraid’ offers lessons in gender and feminism

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Hey Gavin, not all women are empathetic nurturers.
    I got a phone call in the afternoon from my mother in law saying that my son had fallen off his bike and that he needed help after mowing her lawn.
    When I got there, with my wife, and there’s more there but not worth it now,
    Anyway, when we got there twenty minutes later, he was lying in the driveway with his bike beside him.
    And she was standing there beside him with a cigarette in hand looking at him.
    ‘Should we call 911?’ my wife asked.
    ‘Yes!’ I said. ‘I’m surprised it hasn’t been done already!’
    And I went into the house to get a pillow so he didn’t have to rest his head on the concrete.
    Dislocated knee and a lotta morphine and fentanyl something.
    Never heard my kid scream like that before as they straightened him out.
    At the hospital I told my wife that my son had the grandmother of the year.
    ‘What do you want me to say?’ she said.
    ‘Get fucking mad with me!’ I growled. ‘I’ve seen you get more agitated over someone cutting you off in traffic. But, when it comes to your mother’s distinct lack of empathy and regard for other people’s comfort you shut down and think I’m attacking you.’

    • Justin St.Denis

      My mother-in-law is a similar font of nurturing maternalism. When informed that we had been in a serious car accident with two of our kids in the back seat, her first reaction was: “Is the car very damaged? Will insurance cover it?” I wish I was kidding.

  • David Murrell

    I got married last yesr, and up to that point I had never watched one “reality” TV show. My wife loves them, so since we share TV time I have been watching virtually all of them. While I am a big fan of Gavin, and his point is well taken, he is being too selective as to women’s roles. For one thing, women did gather berries and plants in traditional societies, so they did get out of the home.

    Gavin does make one point early on in his piece. He mentions that these “survivalist” shows highlight the advantages we enjoy in modern society. I do admire the men who can start fires from scratch, make lean-tos, etc. But we do in fact enjoy the benefits brought on by invention, science and engrepreneurship.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Gavin’s main point is inarguable: Women and men are different.

    And I am so glad that they are because I really don’t find men very pretty or attractive.

    But that’s me.