Mobile phone plant in China is operated almost entirely by machines

A mobile phone factory in China is operated entirely by robots – and they are making fewer mistakes than humans.

The Changying Precision Technology Company factory in Dongguan City, in the country’s central Guangdong province, has replaced 90 per cent of its 650 workers with machines.



While I take anything from China with a grain of salt it can’t be denied that automation is creating a surplus population of workers.

Whether it will be as significant a displacement as feared remains to be seen.

If so why is our government importing masses of people we don’t need?

  • Clink9

    “If so why is our government importing masses of people we don’t need?”

    My guess, machines don’t vote.

  • Waffle

    Well, so much for $15/hr. minimum wage.

    • I bet the Robots won’t work for that;)

      • k1992

        The next great progressive cause: machine rights. Hey, robots are people too!

      • BillyHW

        They also won’t shit on our food like Mexicans.

  • Dana Garcia

    In 2008, when the world economy tanked, the ChiCom leaders feared an uprising of millions of angry unemployed workers. But now, the top commies are creating the same domestic situation. It’s hard to discern the plan in Beijing.

  • BillyHW

    Most people are actually useless.

  • Xavier

    Changy-ing? I wish these damn furrners would learn to English.