Man Calls 911 Because His Cat Ate All His Bacon

It’s a true catastrophe — a cat ate a man’s bacon, resulting in an emergency call to police. The West Yorkshire Police department recently released the audio of a man who called 999 (the British equivalent of 911) to have his girlfriend arrested after allowing her pet cat to eat all his bacon.



This is why Cats act as if they are above the law.

My cat Pip likes ham

  • Raymond Cameron

    His cat is not muslim. He should be grateful and buy him more bacon.

  • Alain

    May I assume the man is not Muslim?

  • Alex

    The full force of the justice system must be brought against this criminal feline. Cats need to learn that even they are not above the law.

    • Tom Forsythe

      Yes, they are.

    • It did eat all of his bacon.

      I guess if there were extenuating circumstances, I would understand.

  • bob e

    hopefully pip has some fresh ham on hand ..

    • infedel

      Yeah — but pip knows how to dial 911 — keeps BCF in line; probably takes his vapors if he doesn’t get ham — kitties are crafty.

  • Edubeat

    Ham, ham omlettes, ham & cheese its all the same to the palate of a tasteful conniseur

  • Jay Currie

    I like cats. I’ve owned cats. Cats feel no remorse. None.

    Dogs, on the other hand…..

    • Brett_McS

      Dogs don’t feel remorse or shame, they are just reacting to their owner’s tone. Not even all humans feel shame; it’s more a western culture thing.

      • I think dogs do. They just can’t help themselves.

        • Brett_McS

          A simple experiment proves that they don’t.

          • My dog felt remorse when he did bad things.


          • Brett_McS

            Here is the experiment: The dog is left alone with a treat after being commanded by the owner not to touch it. The owner comes back and is told that the dog ate the treat – even if the dog didn’t. The owner’s scolding resulted in indistinguishable behaviour of the dog regardless of whether the treat was eaten or not. Hence shame is not an emotion dogs experience.

          • My dog usually gave a confused look if something similar happened.

            But, yes, dogs so pick up on clues from the owner. That doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings.

    • Blacksmith

      Sorry but you have not ‘owned’ cats, they have allowed you to feed and house them.

      • ntt1

        Yes indeed,sometimes it resembles an alien occupation with the alien tag being open to interpretation.

      • Jay Currie

        The old saying is, “Dogs have masters, cats have servants.” is deeply true.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    At least, her dog didn’t eat his homework.

  • ntt1

    I reckon dorothy would filch all the bacon if she could, but happily she has no opposing thumbs which stymies virtually every one of her schemes.
    she is left to wail in frustration as household life continues .Weekends are the payoff however as several crisp rashers of thick cut bacon will usually come her way. but it is never enough..

    • mobuyus

      My old cat with an opposing upper and lower jaw was able to make off with all manner of meats and other assorted victuals.

      • ntt1

        they do indeed have a low cunning.

        • mobuyus

          My old cat had low cunning and two extra claws on his front paws. He’d access bic lighters folding money and of course roasts, chops, and steaks that he would drag right off the kitchen counter. He would also fetch small super balls and return the ball to the palm of my hand.

          • ntt1

            both my siamese play catch with great pleasure , It seems cats enjoy playing fetch but so few people give them a whirl.

          • mobuyus

            I came to Canada on the Queen Frederica with a Siamese cat as a cabin mate and was practically raised by that cat. I’ve had seal point and blue point cats, and they’ve been more intelligent than a lot of people I’ve dealt with.

          • ntt1

            I was given a seal point kitten when i was 8 since then there have been 3 more and I find myself in my 60s they seem to like me I guess, with unintroduced siamese making a point of approaching me , maybe they can sense a soft touch.

          • mobuyus

            My old black and white tuxedo cat with extra claws had as a father a Siamese cat, and due to his parentage was quite the vocal fellow. This is what attracted us to him, I thought there was a monkey in the store attracting a small crowd of onlookers but it turned out to be a kitten hanging upside down in a cage making the most God awful sounds. I bought him immediately.

          • ntt1

            I believe they pick their “owners “.my present 2 are pushing 15 years each, and I have always chosen my cats on which of the litter approaches me rather than the other way round, it seems to have worked well to date