Elizabeth May furious Canadians won’t get to see her pissed drunk during leaders debates

NDP says Tom Mulcair won’t debate if Harper won’t; Elizabeth May furious at ‘doublecross’

“…Green party leader Elizabeth May reacted furiously Friday to the NDP’s debate conditions, accusing Mulcair of colluding with Harper to kill off the debates that would have the widest audience. And she said it’s all aimed at keeping her off centre stage throughout the campaign.

“This stinks to high heaven,” she said in an interview.

“Tom Mulcair has just killed the best opportunity that Canadian voters had to see me absolutely flat on my ass drunk in a forum that reaches the most Canadians.”

I’m not talking Chatty Cathy drunk like at the press gallery dinner, that wasn’t even a warm up. I planned on being shit faced and incoherent even before taking the stage, I probably would have taken my clothes off as well just to show how committed I am to the democratic process”

But that’s all ruined thanks to that damn prissy Frog. I’ll still get shit-faced and naked and stuff but probably only at a mall now, it just won’t be the same.