Why Alberta’s law society should drop Levant’s case

“Injustices are never defeated without vigorous criticism.”


When the heinous Section 13 was still on the books and the Human Rights Commission Poobahs and their sycophants started wailing about our “Tone” I knew we had won the day.

  • Petey

    I think I’ve seen that guy on Sun News – perhaps Ezra had him on. Anyway, he’s definitely got a head on his shoulders. Clear, succinct, and well-argued; good for the Globe and Mail for publishing this piece.

    • Yes he has been on the Old Sun and also the Rebel, it’s John Carpay.

      • Justin St.Denis

        The comments are rather scary. Are Canadians really that stupid?

  • WalterBannon

    It looks like the Globe’s readership has devolved entirely to nazis/progressives

    It is an odious and biased paper whom occasionally publish pieces like this not for balance but as lightening rods to ignite their nazis into a lather

    • David Murrell

      Walter and Justin (on this thread):
      I am forced to subscribe to the G&M in order to follow my stock-investment portfolio properly. And yes, I agree that — especially on the general news and opinion pages — the horrid paper has degenerated into pro-left-fascism of the worst kind.

      Just after the Charlie Hebdo murders — the day of the mass demonstration — the Globe editorialized that the murders were understandable. So the wretched paper attracts the left-Nazis from the sociology and social activist underworld. The newspaper has jumped the shark, and has gone so far overboard into political correctness, it now reads like unintended self-parody.

      But John Carpay is a good, solid conservative, defending the isolated conservatives here in Canada.

  • simus1

    An appeal to any and all authority, relevant, or as in this example, irrelevant, for the first move in the suppression of free speech, is a common tactic of those comfortable in their red fascism.

  • Everyone Else

    same law society, same bitching about ezra, same newspaper …
    looks to me like the muslims of canada have decided to try and bring ezra down,
    and the alberta law society is the best weapon they can find