Media pushing Cecil the lion story while ignoring Planned Parenthood videos

Cecil, like all lions, was a majestic creature but lions die everyday with no outrage, so what’s the difference with this story?

  • Glenfilthie

    Well that’s pretty much my thinking too. It’s a diversion.

    Haven’t given the time off day to Cecil … I’m more interested in what the leftists are doing off stage and what they’re trying to cover up with this tempest in a tea cup.

    Obutthole and F-face Kerry wheeling and dealing with Iran spring to mind.

    • Well it was convenient, summer is the slow season for news as well;)

  • edlancey

    You can say “but ISIS” and “but planned parenthood” about everything and anything. The fact is that there is still something distasteful about some plastic-faced, ‘roided-up American travelling across the world to indulge in some hunting fantasy.

    • Glenfilthie

      Hunters do more to preserve wildlife than pasty faced environmentalists that know nothing about the issue Ed. That issue alone is a crock of media misinformation and lies – that plays well to the greasy elderly hippies and the fat, rainbow haired she-twinks that find hunting distasteful.

      • Surele Surele

        Media misinformation and lies – this came to my mind first when I heard of Cecil, even before I read a little bit about it to get a feel what’s what. And, of course: I was not surprised. Almost all of my FB “friends” want to severely punish the dentist. I got posts: ‘my heart is bleeding’ and such. Oh, for God’s sake, go and see a cardiologist of better yet, a psychiatrist! I bet they didn’t even spent 5 mins trying to find out what happened. Or stopped for a minute to get a proper perspective. And, I am sad about Cecil’s death. The same way I was sad about Betty, the chicken my mother slaughtered (KILLED) for dinner.I was maybe 10, and played with Betty for two days. And then, I helped with plucking the beast and ate dinner with gusto.

      • I think giving some money for conservation efforts is rather like liberals planting a few trees and then throwing garbage everywhere. This guy just wanted to hunt big game for some kind of thrill.

        That being said, Zimbabweans are wondering why no one in the West is worried whenever one of their number gets eaten by lions.

        • Glenfilthie

          I was a hunter until very recently. And – I heard my share of detractors that said I did it because I was a sadistt, or my balls were too small, or because I was compensating for other sexual malfunctions. (Usually liberals – the type that will hop up and down with rage if you say anything unkind about queers, trannies and other sexually disturbed twinks).
          For a young man knocking down an animal IS a thrill. For an older man it isn’t a thrill – it’s more like the satisfaction you get from growing your own veggies in the garden.
          When even that waned I became a trophy hunter. It effectively ended my hunting ‘career’ such as it was – because as a trophy hunter, anything under 160 was off limits for me. Trophy animals do not grow on trees and I only saw one once…5 feet over the fence on posted land. I took that as a sign that the Hunting Gods had chosen to piss upon me, and hauled out my flask as a consolation prize. That was my defining moment as a big game hunter…and I am not all that sure it’s a bad one either.
          But I digress. Hunting big game can be a thrill and there is nothing unwholesome or unhealthy about that.

          • I don’t deny that it is a thrill but that seems to be all there is to it. It’s one thing to hunt for food. It’s another because a lion rug is cool to have.

            I just don’t get it.

  • Linda1000

    So to anyone who doesn’t see any problem with killing Cecil, then I guess they are perfectly fine with a hunter luring any big game animal outside of say, San Diego Wild Animal Park or maybe a zoo and killing it. The dentist could have saved himself a lot of money by just staying home in the U.S. to hunt his trophy kill. I have a problem with this particular dentist hunt as the local Zimbabwe hunters/ guides would known almost exactly how many and location of prides/groups of lions in Zimbabwe. They wouldnt make their living as hunting guides if they didn’t know the location of game. If Cecil was a problem lion he would have wandered outside of his protected park territory long before this hunt. All wild cats are territorial and these particular lions have lived for years in the protected national park environment. In fact, with Cecil, he was probably somewhat conditioned to humans being in close range as he was a star attraction at the park. I think the specific Cecil hunt was a targeted “dirty” hunt because of the way it was conducted. Poachers hunt the same way. I’m not against all hunting and most Western hunting outfitters ensure they follow all regulations.
    As for the lefty social corrupt MSM, they have long had skewed priorities on their news coverage so why is anyone surprised they are ignoring the gross PP scandal or the insane Iran nuke deal. The Ozero administration and PP are very happy right now they are escaping further scrutiny on their own criminal activities.
    Hollywood celebs, models, etc. always latch on to any social cause of the day to get publicity. It’s their business to keep their names in the news. As for all the other social justice warriors demonstrating against and hounding the dentist, they have been indoctrinated by Disney’s “Lion King” for years.

    • Glenfilthie

      You’re being manipulated Linda. This is how utterly insidious and corrupt our media is…and how easily they can mislead the smartest of us.

      Dedicated hunters will pay staggering sums to hunt these animals. Entire tribes and villages make their living off it. As a result they protect the animals, they care for the habitat and have an interest in making sure there are animals around to hunt next year.

      By contrast, in Nabibia the environmentalists were high fiving themselves when they got elephant hunting outlawed. Elephants need special care: lots of range, lots of browse, and protection from poachers. Texas oil men were literally paying over $100k to hunt one elephant! When the hunts were banned, the locals had to farm to feed themselves. They slashed and burned the trees and shrubs the elephants relied on for food. The elephants went from being a valuable resource to a costly liability overnight. They trampled crops, tore down fences … So the locals did away with them. What else could they do?

      And may God rot their balls – those whoresons in the media said NOTHING. The only reason I know about it is because only the hunting magazines and journals said anything. As it went for the elephants…so it will go for the lions. The media and uninformed opinion will kill far more animals than a few slob hunters will.

      • The Butterfly

        The replacement of big herds of animals with cropland also leads to increased desertification.

        • Linda1000

          In South Africa, the blacks who are still killing the white farmers to take their land have not become successful farmers. Most of the farms are not producing anything now. I don’t think Africans are known for their agricultural skills.

      • Linda1000

        Occasionally we have cougar or black bear wander into Calgary neighbourhoods. Often wildlife officers have to kill these invading animals because they can’t trap them and they are too dangerous to be so close to city people who think they might be pets. I don’t have a problem with that solution. I don’t have a problem hunting for trophy kills of plentiful species like elk, deer, big horn sheep, etc.
        I don’t know much about big game African hunting. Is it normal to bait for an easy kill just outside the boundaries of a national game park. If the Cecil hunting party had no clue as to what or where they were hoping to lure a lion from to kill then they don’t sound like very skilled hunters to me. This was a setup to make a convenient easy kill of a known prize lion in a specific area and the dentist agreed to it just to get his trophy head.
        There has to be some balance between the economic benefits to African villages by trophy hunters and the already decimated wildlife populations in Africa. Why have national wildlife parks at all otherwise. Let’s do away with Banff National Park also as there are just nuisance herds of elk and too many bears which is a hassle on the Trans-Canada highway. In fact look at who keeps the RCMP busy in Alberta parks.

        no clue es

        • Glenfilthie

          I know enough to be dangerous, Linda. I flirted with the idea of hunting Africa (lesser species though – guys like me can’t afford to hunt elephants or lion).
          The way it works is you book a safari the same way you would book an outfitter here. An unscrupulous outfitter could conceivably set up a bait for bears right outside Banff and the customer would never know it. For all he knows, he’s in the bush hunting bears and having a grand old time. Is that what happened here…? I dunno – but I don’t trust the media. Our boy in Africa may have thought he was shooting a big-ass cat and not an internationally known animal celebrity. I don’t know if I want to know more about it either…whenever those chanting bunny huggers are sounding off all I want to do is pour a stiff drink and plug my ears…

          • Linda1000

            I couldn’t edit out the last line of my post but it is a repeat of words in the sentence ” if Cecil hunting party had no clue”. I don’t know why Disqus on a smart phone acts that way when trying to edit.
            I agree some of the protestors against the dentist are way out of line. Now some are even more extreme calling for him to be killed which is typical crazy of looney moonbats.

  • pdxnag

    This reminds me of the Religious Right of old, the single issue voters who will chant BABY KILLERS 24/7/365. They will smother every single other issue they ever come across.

    These are the freaks that took over the Republican Party long ago and forever chased a huge segment of the voters from ever voting for any single Republican, ever, for the remained of their lives.

    They are unstable lunatics, because they act like it. How the anti-women’s-freedom folks tried to link their cause to the news-item-of-the-day senseless killing of Cecil issue is a classic example of their disjointed reasoning. I AM SCREAMING SO LISTEN TO ME INSTEAD, BECAUSE I SCREAM (and on and on they scream). Any issue, every issue and no issue is similarly SCREAM worthy — until folks just learn to tune the screamers out.

    • The point, as you surely understand, is that, like all hysteria, this emotion over Cecil the lion is artificial.

      If you’re determined to have a flip out, why not have it over killed and dismembered babies?

      But the media isn’t pushing that story, which, whatever your position on abortion, is surely more significant than poor Cecil.

      • pdxnag

        I am not flipping out. The folks who are jealous of Cecil’s attention are.

        • I didn’t mean to suggest you were flipping out. Sorry. When I typed “you’re determined” I really meant “one is determined”, but “one” always sounds a bit pretentious, so I usually avoid it.

          • pdxnag

            See, Planned Parenthood v. American Coalition of Life Activists, 290 F.3d 1058

            The targeting of specific physicians via the web is all too familiar. The mix of hunting and doctors and abortion cannot help but invoke memories.

          • So any criticism of an abortion doctor amounts to a death threat? “All too familiar” is all too vague. And what is this shit about “hunting”? Seriously, is this something to do with hunting rifles?

            What “memories” are being invoked here? I honestly have no idea what the fuck you are talking about.

            “:specific targeting”: I guess you’re trying to imply that these videos are a call to murder. That’s insane. If you do a sting, and specific people are captured specifically on record promoting specific illegal activities, then that constitutes a specific call to murder these specific people?

          • pdxnag

            The segue to or from the killing of Cecil the lion by a doctor/dentist to the abortion issue is troubling. It involved hunting and the web has served as the conduit for threats to the dentist. Then we are invited to express similar outrage (murderous outrage?) at doctors who perform abortions.

            Read the court case, it is about targeting (hunting) doctors and where to draw the line between free speech and particularized threats.

            Can the issue of videos at abortion clinics be severed entirely from the Cecil issue? It is like everybody got the same memo to jump from Cecil to the abortion clinic videos. It was a strategic tactic. I say a counterproductive one.

            Perhaps you are far younger than me, thus limiting your pool of memories to draw upon.

          • Linda1000
        • It’s a f—-ing lion.

          No, I don’t like sport hunting but I also don’t like ISIS hunting Christians, either.

          How much attention is that getting?

          • Linda1000

            So is this guy correct? 🙂

          • To the left, yes.

          • pdxnag

            Movie theaters thrive on our love for escapism. Big cats are king in nature flicks. Alcohol and Prozac serve a useful function, based on consumer demand.

            The horror of ISIS is something to be drowned out so it does not mess up our ordinary day. It is over there, wherever there is. Seeing a happy big cat is part of our escapism. It creates a happy feeling in our minds. It cannot get any closer than that. Even little cats deserve special credit for YouTube’s success. I can’t imagine a YouTube without cat videos.

          • Well, little cats are just darling ways to pass the half-hour lunch break.

            You are correct in saying that ISIS is seen as a foreign problem. Boy, will there be some waking up to do.

          • El Martyachi

            Ya can’t blame the media ENTIRELY here. This is a story that sells. And it sells because of metrosexuals and cat ladieswomen.

          • WHY DO YOU HATE CATS!!??!!

          • El Martyachi

            MmmmMmmm sweet, sweet, friday mambaluv.

          • It sells because some vain people need a fake crusade to cling to.

            They certainly wouldn’t like it when the mob turns on them.

            (SEE: Revolution, French, Robespierre)