Leave Israel out of the Iran argument

I’m concerned the arguments against the Iran Deal are focusing on Israel’s security. The ‘Iran challenge’ isn’t and never should have been presented as an ‘Israel issue’. Prime Minister Netanyahu erred when pushing Israel to the front of this campaign. And though there is a consensus amongst Israeli politicians regarding the merits of the deal, our public diplomacy effort, “The Iran deal is an existential threat to Israel,” is the wrong approach. Because the world doesn’t really care about dead Israelis. Dead Jews aren’t and never had been a casus belli.

  • Minicapt

    Buddy must have consulted with Obambi’s speech-writers in order to maximise his bafflegab.


  • The Iran talks became an Israeli issue from the start, because the US and EU told Israel not to respond militarily to Iran’s threats, but to wait for them to stop Iran from its nuclear bomb ambitions through sanctions and diplomacy. “We have your back” they told Israel, just be patient. Ten years later, they stab Israel in the back, courtesy of Obama and his henchman Kerry, plus the EU anti-Semites, so now Israel looks like an aggressor and Iran is whitewashed. Israel is now in more danger than before, since Iran has used the 10 year interval to buttress its defenses and advance its nuclear programme. Obama is the foremost enemy of Israel today.

    • Glenfilthie

      So what Avi. If I understand the Israelis (and I think I do) – they saw all this coming years ago and this is just so much a leftist political circle jerk. Israel will defend itself whether regardless of Obutthole, and America will side with Israel in spite of him as well.

      • I don’t think Israel saw it coming – they trusted the US and EU. Of course, they must have considered the possibility of a failure. As for defending itself, as I already mentioned the situation has become more difficult after ten years. As for US siding with Israel, judging by Kerry’s threats and Obama’s hatred, this is far from sure – indeed, unlikely.

        • Glenfilthie

          Really? Maybe it’s just me then but I am seeing a festering and growing antisemitism in the political left. I would have thought that for sure – Israelis leaders would have seen it too. I suspect obamas “deal” will hit the garbage as soon as he’s swept out of the Whitehouse.

          Israel is correct to expect better of the U.S…but nobody in their right mind would count on the EU for anything IMHO.

          • I hope Congress will block this disastrous deal.

      • The only real question; How bad does it need to get before Israel reacts?

        Do the Israelis wait till the Iranians launch a nuke? Should they hope it misses its target?

        How many Israelis need die before Israel reacts with massive force?

        The Israelis clearly have the power to incinerate the Muslim hordes surrounding them.

        Will this asinine agreement force the Israelis to use their nukes?

        If that is the case – it is clearly Obozo’s war.

        Will the time wait for a republican president with a set of balls to do what is necessary? Or will everyone sit on their multi-culti dreamboat asses and allow suicidal Iranian mullahs access to the ultimate weapon?

        If the mullahs get it, they will use it. Anyone who thinks otherwise is on the multi-culti dreamboat.

    • Maurixio Garcia Sanchez

      I agree with you ,but look at what Israel is been saying for years,they will bomb Iran nuclear sites,that plan never goes forward why?

      • Yes, why? What are they waiting for now?

        I like the idea of using EMP to block all Iranian defenses, then going in and destroying the nuclear facilities. It seems feasible.

      • Norman_In_New_York

        I would say that they have hesitated because the defenses they are working on are not fully operational. However, the Defense Ministry never sleeps and when they feel much less vulnerable than they do now, I believe they will strike.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    The USA has f***ed over virtually every one of it’s so-called “allies”.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Netanyahu put it crisply; “They already have weapons including missiles that can hit us, now you’re giving them weapons that can hit you.”

  • Tokenn

    The main question in my mind right now is “Who makes the first preemptive nuclear strike. ..Iran or Israel? “

    • luna

      The only pre-emptive strike Israel would consider is a conventional strike on nuclear facilities.

      However, in challenging “games” (combat, business, etc) you always need a good plan C, because plans A and B never work.

  • Achmed

    John Kerry has no love for the jews and his son-in-law is an Iranian-american well connected to the power structure of Iran.
    He agrees that israel is only a temporary aberration and supports Iran removing it from the map.

    • luna

      If he is personally going to benefit from normalizing economic trade with Iran, he should not have been involved in negotiations.

      • Achmed

        Then you would have to remove half of all government appointees.
        You are living in a dream if you don’t realise this is the norm throughout all the world.
        If you get rid of our boy now we will riot!

        • Minicapt

          A barrel of monkeys, always a riot.