How to Decode Terrorists’ Tweets

With every new terrorist attack, the inevitable question we all end up asking is “why didn’t anyone see it coming?”

Even with the increased experience of terrorism around the globe, there is still no clear answer for how and why someone becomes motivated to commit these heinous crimes.

  • Easy. Islam is the cause – Islamism is the consequence or symptom. Islam is the Koran, the Hadiths, and Sharia. Islamism, i.e. Islamic terrorism, is obedience of Islamic law. Muslims who suddenly become Islamists are merely people who have decided to be consistent in action with their theoretical religious beliefs. There is no mystery about it.

    • “There is still no clear answer for how and why someone becomes motivated to commit these heinous crimes.”

      Bull sh*t.

      Read Islamic theology.

      What a f*cking idiot.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Because for 250 years European elites and aesthetes have been romantically charmed with the exotic oriental mideast. First it was the Turkish craze of the 1700’s. And since then, from a love of all things Egyptian, Persian, and so forth up the present day, Europeans have never seen a far off exotic ‘culture’ they couldn’t embrace as long as it involved funny hats and sexual licentiousness. And opium. One of the reasons European Jew haters wake up every day shaking their fist at the imaginary Global Jewish Conspiracy is because Israel isn’t so far away that they don’t consider vacationing there someday. If Israel were in Kenya or Congo or Uzbekistan they wouldn’t care as much because there aren’t any good beaches there. After all, who make the largest contingent of illegally owned homes stolen from Cypriots by the Turkish army and then resold without deeds or any paperwork? British pensioners, that’s who. It’s only a couple of hours travel time away. It’s so exotic it’s so edgy. If Hamas had any sense at all they’d sell retirement condos on the Gaza Riviera to northern Europeans.