David Cameron’s Muslim Muddle

Listening to and reading Prime Minister David Cameron’s recent speech about Islamic extremism in Britain, I realized why I could never be a practicing politician. Its mixture of good sense, half-truths, evasions, political correctness, and electioneering was anathema to me. It was the stock-in-trade of a man obliged by his position to balance a hundred considerations at once, an obligation that precludes intellectual honesty, even if the latter is desired.

  • 2maxpower

    read some of Bat Ye’Or

    [(Europe, Globalization, and the Coming of the Universal Caliphate)] [Author: Ye’Or Bat] published on (July, 2011)Jul 27 2011
    by Ye’Or Bat

    the politicians in most of Europe are using talking points provided by the islamic organizations who have embedded themselves into European politics decades ago. their influence is both undeserved and shocking.

    the Europeans are committing suicide and the politicians like Cameron and his colleagues are traitors to their own people.

  • jayme

    Dalyrmple: “Success in Britain isn’t caused by diversity, but becomes possible for diverse people because of the rule of law—British law, not sharia, Jewish, canon, or any other law.”

    I’m not sure I’ve read such a nice, succinct summation of diversity before. I’m personally tempted to modify it to “Success in Britain [or any other Western society] isn’t caused by diversity, but [in spite of it].”
    So while diversity might provide varied and, therefore, *possibly* beneficial viewpoints, without a stabilizing structure in place – Western law, values and traditions – this diversity in the extreme, can be chaotic, divisive and harmful to a society.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Cameron wants to stay in power. Period. Doesn’t matter how.

  • Not all cultures are equal. It is that simple.

    To say that Japanese, North Korean, Haitian and Libyan cultures are equal is asinine beyond rational discussion.

    Yes, they may all have some fine points. But the sum total is far from the same.