Ann Coulter: Voters tell GOP, ‘We’re just not that into immigrants’

“Instead of having to keep apologizing for their positions on immigration, maybe Republicans should stop listening to political consultants who are paid by business lobbyists to dump millions of poverty-stricken, low-wage workers on the country.”

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    To prove we are not racists, we must commit suicide.

    • I get that!

    • Gary

      Funny how every nation seems to be allowed to have a Culture and Identity at the UN or for Tourism Ads, but Canada had now morphed into a land of Immigrants where our Politicians tell Somali’s, Mexicans, Jamaicans, Muslims , Vietnamese Cubans that THEY built Canada .

      We are not allowed to have an identity , plus what’s worse is how Joe Mehivc at City Hall just told 300,000 illegals that he and Wyyne
      will force Public sector employees to join them and commit Treason to steal tax dollars from the CRA and give them WELFARE and FREE health care as a World-Class city.

      I’m counting the hours until Wynne and Mehivc are hauled away in cuffs by the RCMP for Treason and tax dollar theft to divert Federal Money from Taxes meant for those entitled to it as legals in canada….to the tourists and foreign criminals being protected by these two traitors( that also ordered the Police to NOT ask anyone their status in Canada for fear that they wil lbe reported to the RCMP Immigration dept and removed which will cause harm and trauma.

      With 7,000,000,000 people outside of Canada , how long can these treasonous weasels think they can invite any one among them to get to Ontario or Toronto for all the Social benefits as Citizens and those legally in Canada . I have no doubt that Chow would love to let in 10,000,000 plus refugees to bankrupt Canada and promote her Communism , plus Wynne can only stay in power by her election fraud to use tax dollars to buy off the Unions too stupid to know she’s running a Ponzi scheme that will implode like ENRON did.

    • Dana Garcia