The Big Gay Lynch Mob

Niagara councillor’s gay marriage comments spark backlash

Niagara regional councillor Andy Petrowski is the subject of two formal requests that he be investigated for code of conduct violations after making what one St. Catharines resident called “offensive, hurtful and damaging” remarks about gay marriage on social media and in the local paper earlier this summer.

Sean Polden, an immigration consultant from St. Catharines who filed the complaints, said he wants Petrowski — who holds deep Christian beliefs and is one of seven city representatives on regional council — to be held accountable for the comments that left him feeling “completely offended.”


I find myself “completely offended” that these little whiners are taken seriously.

  • Waffle

    Time for a musical interlude:

    • Whoa oh oh feelings….

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        Ever been to Filipino karaoke?

  • ontario john

    Can nothing be done about these damn Christians. We need all children taught about the importance of homosexual sex. Oh wait, we are in Ontario.

  • Fran800

    I looked at the comments. They were almost all viciously opposed to the councillor’s being able to “express his views” at all. not one prepared to admit that official same-sex marriage has been non-existent in the entire history of the world until a few years ago. Homosexuality existed of course and they could have marriages amongst each other if they wanted, but no one thought they had any right or need to marry, let alone force others to marry them, bake their cakes, rent them their church halls, etc. The malice expressed in the comments against Christians was spine-chilling. Stalin would have been proud.

    The most interesting comment started out by saying “First of all I am atheist…I could care less if a person wants to marry a rock.”

    Whoa! I thought the “atheist” view was that we didn’t need God to work out a moral code — we could do it rationally, without reference to the “great pixie in the sky”. Could there not be “rational” reasons for supporting Christian morality, sexually as well as in other fields?

    Neitzsche said “God is dead”. When many in his day were horrified, was it because they liked their cute little “sky-pixie” or did they see other consequences? Dostoevsky’s Grand Inquisitor drew a conclusion from Neizsche’s dictum: “Then all things are permitted”. It seems he was on to something. Except Neitzsche’s modern acolytes seem to exclude even the expression of traditional sexual views from “all things”.

    The commenter goes on to say, ironically I suppose, “I do think though that the lefties should make a list of how we
    should all think…..they obviously, for the first time in the history
    of humanity have it all figured out.”

  • moraywatson

    The Councillor did not “impose” his views on anyone, nor did he make any comments towards an “individual”. Therefore he did not violate the “code of conduct”, and the complaints are bunk!

  • Alleena

    Where in the book of life is there a rule that we cannot be offended?. Free speech is the cornerstone to a free society. Get over yourself and grow up!

  • John

    The article mentions that Sean Polden, the guy making the complaint, ran unsuccessfully for a post as regional councillor.
    Perhaps his beef about the gay marriage comments is just an excsue to exact revenge on Petrowski who DID win a seat.
    Fucking loser.

    • Cheryl

      I am from St. Catharines, born and raised there. I am in total agreement with Petrowski. In 65 years I have seen this city and province and country go down hill and that is a shame. This country was built on Christianity. When they raised the homosexual flag at city hall, I had to wonder why a heterosexual flag was not raised. If your a homosexual that is your business, but to raise a flag is totally disgusting. Thumbs up to councillor Petrowski. Why doesn’t Polden go take a hike and move to Toronto where are first openly gay Premier lives. What a sickening society we live in that we make this a priority and not healthcare and homelessness.

  • Justin St.Denis

    I am “offended” by most of what passes for “news” these days. Were I given to whining about feeling offended, I would not have time to eat, sleep and survive. Being offended is virtually part of life. Get used to it. And stop whining.

  • Gary

    Wow, muslims are tossing gays of roof tops and hanging them in public in Iran and yet this is the hill they want to die on along with Pizza after a gay wedding.

    And they wonder why people hate them and rarely care about their issues as career whiners and victims.

  • Clear Thinker

    The GayKK are making their move.