Merkel’s Crying 14-Year-old Migrant Girl Hates Israel, Hopes it ‘Won’t Be There Anymore’

The 14-year-old Palestinian refugee who shamed German Chancellor Angela Merkel for her nation’s immigration policy on live television is back in the headlines again – for her deeply disturbing views on the future of Israel.

  • Hard Little Machine

    She should be Germany’s minister of the Jewish Question

    • That’s coming, just wait.

      • Ann Non Emouse

        Maybe Barack Hussein Obama will want to adopt her since they seem to agree on the annihilation of Israel.

  • Alain

    It matters not that this scum is 14 years old, since she like all the rest has already been brainwashed and indoctrinated in evil and hatred. Not a single one deserves any respect or mercy.

    • Her views are no different than the children of muslims here, in fact I have heard far worse.

  • See- no one needs anti-Semitic immigrants like her.

    Anecdote: a relative taught ESL at a local cultural centre. She devised a lesson that involved recipes, in this particular case, making latkes, highlighting both Canada’s cultural pluralism and seasonal food. All the other immigrants were gung-ho about this exercise. Two fat Eritrean Muslim chicks refused to take part.

    Tell me again why we need this sort of immigration. We’re pulling in all the crap and no one who deserves to be in Canada.

    • That is disgusting, especially as I am in favour of latkes.

      • That alone is repellant, yes.

        But think- if these two chubs are averse to making Jewish cuisine, one can only imagine what they would do if real Jews were involved.

        • Minicapt

          Fresh blood for the matzo balls?


          • Alain

            I know this was meant in humour, but please stop as it just feeds the lie of Jews using blood, when the consumption of blood in any form is forbidden in Judaism.

          • You know, it wouldn’t surprise me if they did something so… vampiric.

  • Once a Muslim animal, always a Muslim animal. The guy with the funny mustache, who once occupied Merkel’s position, loved them.

  • Gary

    Canada keeps taking in these savages , plus if they live in Calgary they can freely spew jew-hatred and beat-up Canadians on the streets because because of the gay muslim( jew-hating ) mayor and the Police chief loyal to his pay cheques and not canada’s laws because the Police accused the victims of rabid pro-hamas thugs of provoking them by being in a jew-free zone of Calgary.

    Won’t be long before Toronto becomes another islamic hell-hole at the rate we are taking in the 8th century knuckle dragging wife-beating pedophiles from islamic hell-holes.