Islamic identity crisis at the core of radicalisation

Muslim community leaders in Australia are rarely on the same page – except for when it comes to criticising the government’s counter-radicalisation efforts.

All stand united against the government for its lack of understanding the issue of radicalisation and not “consulting” them with important policy decisions on the subject. Yet, when you talk to most of these Muslim community leaders on identifying the problem and proposing tangible solutions one can’t help but notice their rudimentary understanding of the subject offering little beyond textbook prescription to focus more on “socio-economic” issues and conducting “true consultations” with the Muslim community leaders.

For a start, the overwhelming claim by Muslim community leaders that “research” suggests socio-economic and political issues drive radicalisation is not only erroneous but reveals a primitive understanding of the debate on the subject.

  • Shebel

    I am sick of this. It is always ALL about understanding THEM .
    I am tired of this . We do understand.
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  • moraywatson

    The muslim solution to what ails society is TOTALITARIANISM. It DOESN’T work.

  • Gary

    In Canada they appear to want their women to be in costumes as to be Unemployable so they get collect welfare and pump out Jihad-joe’s for allah’s cause .
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