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The past… Photos courtesy of Once Upon A Town

Vintage beauty: Actress Sylvia Field (1901-1998) who starred in the play “Broadway” in 1927.

Sylvia Field - Actress

Pouring booze into a glass during prohibition…

Booze into a glass during prohibition

  • Gary

    Back when Coke still had Cocaine in it before the FDA took over drug stores .

    • Raymond Cameron

      Coca-Cola removed cocaine from Coke in 1903, 17 years before Prohibition.

      • Gary

        Thanks for the research , I relied on my memory and that some drug stores ran a soda fountain where some operators add things to the soft drink syrups they purchased.

        Sorry , but you don’t win anything .
        Do you know the real story about the Model T and prohibition tied to Standard Oil ?????

        I’ll give you time to look it up as to come back and appear that you knew it .

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Here is also something from the past, slightly more recent. Bea Wain, singer with Larry Clinton’s big band, was a very beautiful woman in her prime. She was married to radio announcer Andre Baruch for 55 years until his passing. She is now 98. This piece is a big band classic.


  • Petey

    Wow, beautiful, soulful eyes. Black and white pictures of people can be so cool sometimes.

  • Dana Garcia

    Girls just want to have fun!