Conservatives gear up for long campaign ahead of pending writ drop

The Conservatives have put their campaign workers on an electoral footing, with some candidates being told to be ready as early as this weekend for a writ drop.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper refused to reveal his plans for the election launch in a television interview on Wednesday, but party officials said “things are heating up” with an early election call in the works.

The election is still expected to be held Oct. 19, but with a much longer than usual campaign.

  • jayme

    Here is what I think we go down
    1)Black Lives Matters
    Will try and turn this into a its a white country and demand changes to appease the black community.
    2)Muslim Lives Matters
    For the first time we will see a full out muslim mob wanting Canada to do away with western culture.
    3)Goodies for all
    What every party gives out the most goodies will win.
    4)End of the Liberals
    I think this could be the end of the Liberal party as we know them.

  • Morticiaa

    Yup the left wing liberals in Toronto still think they can along with the media call the shots in the elections, while the majority of Canadians
    Still support the conservatives and are happy with Harper
    No matter how hard the media tries to blackball Stephen, he will win the next election, called forOctiber 19th regardless of when the writ is dropped…..Stephen is an incredible statesman and a proven leader and incredibly intelligent person, now let’s see where the average iq of Justin compares, he is an idiot, and quite frankly, Canadians will never elect an Ndp government…the argument about, oh look what happened in n Alberta just doesn’t fly…
    Alberta gas endured over 40 years of one government, corruption beyond belief within the infrastructure, and a shining star in Rachael not key, a bright capable lawyer, who us a right Ndp, was an easy puck. Many who normally vie conservative or even wild rose, voted for Rachael Notley
    That does not compute to the same thing as federal voters

    • jayme

      My real big concern is groups like black lives matters they try and upstage the election just look at some of the debates in the States over run with protesters.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        There’s not enough black lives in Canada to matter.

  • barryjr

    With fixed election dates the long term campaigns like they have in the US will become common. The one advantage of dropping the writ at this time is it will take the third party advertisers out of the equation, no more lies being broadcast by public service unions and other left wing organizations.

  • Exile1981

    I suspect that the NDP are going to have there media lapdogs out in full force to try and win. I think we will end up with a minority conservative government or god forbid a minority NDP depending.
    with all the people moving into Edmonton we could see 1 or 2 NDP elected from Alberta, but the rest of Alberta and sask will go conservative. The maritimes will go NDP for the hand outs, as will Ontario and Manitoba. The deciding seats will be in quebec and it could end up with the bloc holding the cards that determines who is the next government.