Comedians and Ukip

“Progressive” bigotry – the respectable kind.

h/t Marvin

  • Lloyd Snauwaert

    Jon Stewart became a proggy icon peddling this shit…

  • Gary

    I watched a video of Susan G Cole in her stand-up act as a self-professed lesbian comic. For about 5 minutes the crowd laughed like a well scripted scene for a Movie shoot that had a formula and tempo to learn when to laugh and how long.
    Then I got a view of the crowd to see short haired like-kind lesbians that are heterosexual-haters and feed on the Arts funding and Grants program to bash the same taxpayers providing those cheques.

    The reality for these types is that they have no future outside of their little groups of haters that agree with them. So even if the Human Rights Commission affirms that Right to spew hate as a minority , I don’t see gays as all being filled with such hatred where these gay comics could fill the Roy Thomson Hall with their act even with show tunes between jokes.

    They aren’t funny , it’s a metal illness where she found other victims to laugh with her , and not at her for the pure genius comedy she will NEVER have.

  • ed

    ytube “bernard manning ” “roy chubby brown ” from the 80s in the uk you will laugh