How Berlin’s Futuristic Airport Became a $6 Billion Embarrassment

This is a fascinating read…

The inspectors could hardly believe what they were seeing. Summoned from their headquarters near Munich, the team of logistics, safety, and aviation experts had arrived at newly constructed Berlin Brandenburg International Willy Brandt Airport in the fall of 2011 to begin a lengthy series of checks and approvals for the €600 million ($656 million) terminal on the outskirts of the German capital. Expected to open the following June, the airport, billed as Europe’s “most modern,” was intended to handle 27 million passengers a year and crown Berlin as the continent’s 21st century crossroads…

  • Hard Little Machine

    Denver’s airport was a similar disaster on a smaller scale. It took them a decade of delays to finish and when they did, one of the features they touted – the automated baggage system didn’t work, In fact it took another 5 years to get it to be able to carry skis – the one thing that Denver airport was designed to do well.

  • ed

    2008new castellon airport spain cost 1.3 billion euros, 2015 no aircraft has landed or taken off yet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • simus1

    MegaProject managers and contractors often have more luck than competence involved in their early career crowning achievements that make their reps. Those in charge who then give such people free rein to pull off another miracle are very foolish.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Just think. Gov. Cuomo just announced a plan to rebuild New York’s LaGuardia Airport for $4 billion. The horror! The horror!

  • Everyone Else

    let’s sell them mirabel airport

  • Gettingby

    Every political, economic, and social construct in the world is collapsing because of people like those hired for this project. They can’t even built a box but believe they can run countries. What a joke man is.