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  • Maggat

    Is that a Gull Wing Stinson behind Yellow Rose?

  • Gary

    Sadly , it’s now been about 6 years that I have seen the anti-war yahoos plaster posters on utility poles that condemns the USA for dropping the atomic bombs on those poor innocent Japanese in 1945.
    These marxist scumbags in the West end of Toronto are exploiting the new wave of ignorant Immigrants from central America and many refugees to demonize the West in general and make them see them self as a victim of white oppression that own them money and a house.

    It was bad enough that carribean yutes were fired up in 1993 to riot and loot on Yonge street from the haters in their welfare ghetto that claimed that White oppressed them with 400 years of slavery.
    How stupid could these people be to be born in canada by parents on welfare that were born in the carribean and couldn’t find the horn of Africa on an unmarked map, yet they rioted for justice and jobs to force a redress for 400 years of slavery in North America .

    Tell me again how great the Public school system is on top of the new practice to give every student a Diploma from high school even with a reading level at grade 4 and NO math skills . It wasn’t racism, it was unemployable youth raise by morons and coddled by the schools to pass them through the system knowing they were at risk to be a ward of the state like their parents was.