DHS: Calling Islamic Terrorism ‘Islamic’ Offends Muslims

After a Muslim terrorist gunned down unarmed Marines in Tennessee, the head of Homeland Security revealed a policy to downplay any Islamic role in such terror. The feds are now blindfolding each other on the threat.

Homeland Security chief Jeh Johnson refuses to call Islamic terror “Islamic,” arguing it’s “critical” to refrain from the label in order to “build trust” among Muslims.

In jaw-dropping remarks Friday at Aspen Institute’s annual security forum, Johnson said the government will call such attacks “violent extremism” over “Islamic terrorism” out of respect for the Muslim community.

  • Dana Garcia

    We’re not doing nearly enough to offend muslims, otherwise they would go away. Maximum offensiveness is required.

  • Helios Megistos

    The DHS is patently unconstitutional and must thus be immediately obliterated; its affirmative-action token “chief” belongs in chains!

  • Martin B

    How did America get from 9/11 to making not offending Mohammedans the #1 priority?

    If the Obama administration had been in charge after Pearl Harbor, Americans would all be speaking Japanese and bowing to the Emperor.

  • Canadian

    They can change the name to please Obola`s friends, but the people know….

  • Norman_In_New_York

    With Trump, Cruz and Huckabee starting to speak up, it’s only a matter of time before this becomes a campaign issue.

    • kiwi

      One hopes so.

  • Barrington Minge

    Time to stop pussy-footing around this. It’s MUSLIM terrorism, pure and simple.
    Don’t like it? then stop doing it….

  • “Out of respect”? – they mean out of fear, which fear proves the Muslims do not deserve respect.

    This is obviously an instruction from the top, i.e. from the Muslim Obama, the mole in the WH.

  • pop

    Islam has nothing to do with Islam.

    Islam cannot survive without living in the west.

  • angrymike

    So, not calling the people who are committing the crimes what they actually are is a good idea, huh ?? What about the black community, their young thugs are attacking white people all over America, yet according to MSM its only random “youts” !! So how’s that working out ??
    How can the government keep ignoring the problem be a good thing, they’ve tried it over and over, yet the violence continues !!
    I don’t have any children, and I’m glad, if I did I’d have to move into the woods just to raise them the way they should be raised, without the mighty government intrusion !!
    I believe as a society, we are extremely fucked !!!!!

    • kiwi

      Down here we call our indengous youts ‘ferals’. Breed like ferrets for the govt. child benefit and to ensure they never have to work

  • canminuteman

    They can call it what they want. Anyone with two brain cells has figured it out. The difference is that their behaviour makes people realize that the government is as big an enemy, if not bigger than the muzzies.

  • David Murrell

    We conservatives should always use the term “Islamic” in conjuction with a discussion of today’s terrorism. We should aways use the term “Islamic State” — NOT Isil or Isis — when referring to that neo-nazi group. Always keep Isam in the public’s eye.

    The public, according to polls, have a very low regard for Islam. Liars and cheats like President Obama and the media cartel cannot change this opinion anymore.

  • DVult

    Why is every head of the DHS some sort of affirmative action hire? There is more chance of this guy being fired if his blackness could be credibly questioned than if he was proven incompetent.

  • Blacksmith

    Heaven forbid that we offend those who wish to kill us. Fekking retard.

  • Allan

    It is beyond reason as to how supposedly intelligent people rising to the level of head of Homeland Security can be so willfully blind and downright idiotic.

  • Gary

    He knows that the truth will cause more terrorism by these peaceful muslims .

    So will Obama stop with the slavery BS and racism rants that offend whites????
    Oh wait…….Whites don’t strap bombs to their children of behead people in public while praising god.

  • pdxnag

    Muslims offended by Islam? Can I just call them non-Muslim apostates instead? This way there are no offended Muslims.