Campus Rape Expert Can’t Answer Basic Questions About His Sources

David Lisak’s serial predator theory of campus rape has made him a celebrity. Once a virtually unknown associate professor at the University of Massachusetts-Boston, his work is now cited by White House officials and reporters for major newspapers.

His influence is evident in the recent documentary The Hunting Ground, and the producers continue to promote his work along with their film. In Jon Krakauer’s new book, Missoula, about sexual assault at the University of Montana, Lisak’s name appears more than 100 times.

  • WalterBannon

    “When I asked how he was able to speak with men participating in an anonymous survey for research he was not conducting, he ended the phone call.”

    All you need to know about this academic fraud and his manufactured data. No doubt he will also be publishing his work on climate as well.

  • Everyone Else

    agreed … but similar faulty conclusions pollute virtually every public story emanating from “science”. When someone says science supports their conclusion, a penetrating analysis will usually show that it doesn’t.

  • Minicapt

    He is trying to exceed Al Kinsey?


  • Gary

    I doubted the latest scam by the Food fascists over child obesity.
    So sure enough I viewed the STATS charts from the Sick Kids Hospital records and the CMA records going back to the post war era with no food ration programs.

    The chart showed a steady increase for boy girls and boys along with the height increase to reflect each generation of kids which did not use the fat% or Muscle weight to show if eating or exercise caused it.

    Here came the scam when I saw the * notations and read further.
    The UN had redefined a child from their old age limit of 12 to the new age of 18, not only did this allow teenagers to make refugee claims and now fill our high schools , but the Food nazi’s took the weight increase for teens 15-17 and lied to the public so it made it look like kids under 10 were blimps needing tallow smeared on the door fames so mum can ramrod them into the SUV.
    Also , thanks to Canada importing seniors ( grand parents) that need health care and get OAS while our senior wait in lines for health care, I saw that the highest weight gain for any group was for those over 74 years of age.
    Hmmmmm, some how we are to believe that a 74 year olds suddenly put down the cat food at 75 and gorge them self at Buffets .

    These charts did not record the info by Citizenship or years in Canada , so when women make refugee claims with 3 lazy teens that did have jobs back home , it skews the STATS to make all teens have an obesity crisis at 15 and up .

    Meanwhile though, the truth about abusive wives that attack men will never be reported in the STAR or on the CBC based on Misandry Industrial Complex that needs fabricated Misogyny to keep the money flowing from Ottawa.
    I did read that the Police show that the rate for Domestic abuse 9-1-1 calls ( Toronto 2011) for same-gender relationships is 3 times that as heterosexual calls for the same disputes.
    But you won’t see that either on the CBC or in NOW because not only does Susan Cole keep quiet on islam murdering of gays and misogyny , Cole is a Lesbian men-hater that selects the facts she agrees with for her misandry and why expose how gays are more violent and have more calls to the Police than other groups.